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Group photo of the Foundation Board - From left: Gerold Biner, Adrian Amstutz, Marco Maggiorini, Christian Kern, Adrian Frutiger, Patrizia Pesenti, Josef Meier, Ulrich Graf, Markus Mader, Franz Stämpfli, Gabi Huber, Andreas Berger, Michael Hobmeier, Thomas P. Emmerich, Thomas Holderegger ¦ 
Missing from the picture: Heidi Hanselmann(Click to enlarge)

The organisational structure of Rega corresponds to the principles of appropriate and transparent management. The strategic and operational responsibilities are clearly assigned.

Rega’s supreme organ is the Foundation Board, which lays down Rega’s strategy. The activities of the Foundation Board are determined by the Executive Committee. The members of the Medical Commission and the Finance Commission assist the Foundation Board with their specialist knowledge. The Advisory Committee comprises representatives of the various partner organisations and acts in an advisory capacity.

The Management Board is charged with the day-to-day management of the organisation. It implements Rega’s strategy and determines the measures that are necessary to meets its objectives. The members of the Management Board determine the organisational structure and ensure that the legal provisions are complied with.

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