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Rescuing in all weathers: FOCA grants Rega a special authorisation

Rescuing in all weathers: FOCA grants Rega  a special authorisation

A breakthrough for Rega on the road to realising its vision of all-weather rescue: the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) has granted the air-rescue organisation a special authorisation to use key intersections of the so-called Low Flight Network around the clock with effect from 23 December 2017. Rega estimates that with this new regulation around 300 additional patients per year will be able to benefit from urgently needed medical assistance by air.


Help where help is needed

Rega provides emergency medical assistance by air wherever it is needed. Sometimes, however, it is not medical assistance, but the empathy, improvisation skills and compassion of the Rega staff that are at the forefront of their actions. We share with you three incidents that have deeply moved us. They show that help can take many forms.


Video: searching a large area by helicopter

Rega flies around 30 avalanche missions every year. The faster a person buried under an avalanche is found, the greater their chances of survival. As a result, the Rega crews regularly practise carrying out helicopter searches over large areas.


Summer holiday missions: Rega flies 260 patients back to Switzerland
Annual Media Conference 2017: Rega uses lasers to detect obstacles
In operation at the Ski World Championships 2017 in St. Moritz


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