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Annual Media Conference 2017: Rega uses lasers to detect obstacles

Cover of Rega's 2017 annual report

Rega is the first civil air-rescue organisation worldwide to use a laser-based obstacle warning system – ensuring even greater safety for its patients and crews. On the occasion of its Annual Media Conference, Rega also looks back over a busy year: more than 15,000 missions and an ever growing number of patrons show that Rega is both needed and valued.


In operation at the Ski World Championships 2017 in St. Moritz

The picture went around the world: Swiss medal hopeful, Lara Gut, is lifted into the Rega helicopter after falling while practising for a slalom run in the combined event. This was just one of five Rega missions carried out for injured competitors at the Ski World Championships 2017 in St Moritz. But what preparations needed to be made behind the scenes to ensure that rescues could be performed quickly and safely in an emergency?


Rega purchases six new rescue helicopters

Swiss Air-Rescue Rega today signed a contract to purchase six new rescue helicopters of the type, Airbus Helicopters H145. These new helicopters are to replace the current EC 145 lowland fleet and will already go into operation in 2018.


Video: night of emergencies
Annual Media Conference 2016: Rega invests in the air rescue of the future


World Para Athletics Junior Championships
03.08.2017 - 06.08.2017
World Para Athletics Junior Championships
Züri Oberland Mäss, Wetzikon
30.08.2017 - 03.09.2017
Züri Oberland Mäss, Wetzikon
OHA, Thun
01.09.2017 - 10.09.2017
OHA, Thun

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