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Conditions of Patronage of Rega

To ensure that Rega can provide a professionally run and suitably equipped air rescue service at all times in accordance with its objective as a charitable foundation, it needs private donations.

You can become a Rega patron by paying the following minimum donation:

  • CHF 30.– for individuals
  • CHF 60.– for couples (married/cohabiting couples or registered partners)
  • CHF 70.– for families (parents with children who are under 18 on the day of payment)
  • CHF 40.– for small families (single parents with children who are under 18 on the day of payment)

Patronage is valid for the current calendar year and starts with your payment. If patronage is not renewed it will expire on 15 May of the following year.

As a token of appreciation for this support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive the costs for the services listed below for patrons, wholly or in part. This includes both rescue services that Rega provides itself and any services of other providers which it organises. Such services can only be provided at reduced or no cost, however, if health insurers and other insurance companies or other liable third parties do not or only partially cover the costs of the rescue mission. Under all circumstances, Rega provides its rescue services and also grants any possible cost reductions without any legal obligations, since these can only be given within the limits of Rega’s human and technical resources as well as the means at disposal. In particular, operational, medical or meteorological reasons may prevent Rega from engaging in rescue operations.

1. Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

  • Rescue flights and flights undertaken for medical reasons to the closest suitable hospital
  • Rescue operations conducted by rescue teams of the Swiss Alpine Club SAC
  • Search operations in cooperation with the police and other competent organisations, as long as there is reasonable hope that help can be given to the missing persons
  • Evacuations and preventive missions in case of danger to life and limb
  • Flights to recover dead persons after consultation with the competent authorities
  • Flights to rescue injured, sick or dead cattle to the next location that can be reached with another means of transport, provided that the owners of the animals are natural persons and family patrons

2. Worldwide

  • Advice in case of medical problems abroad provided by Rega’s emergency operations centre
  • Medically indispensable repatriation flights to Switzerland for patrons resident in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein as well as for Swiss nationals living abroad

Rega will take a decision as to whether assistance is provided on the basis of medical, social and operational considerations. Rega shall determine the type and time of operation. Rega may entrust third-party organisations with the execution of rescue operations.

Rega’s rescue operation centre (phone number from within Switzerland: 1414; from abroad: +41 333 333 333) is available around the clock to anyone in need of help due to an accident or acute illness.

Updated on 14.09.2011

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