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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Support Rega


  • What benefits do I enjoy as a Rega patron?
    As a token of appreciation for this support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive the costs for the services for patrons, wholly or in part. This includes both rescue services that Rega provides itself and any services of other providers which it organises. Such services can only be provided at reduced or no cost, however, if health insurers and other insurance companies or other liable third parties do not or only partially cover the costs of the rescue mission.


  • Does Rega offer a long-term or even life patronage?
    No. To date, we have decided against introducing a life patronage for various reasons. Instead, you could arrange for a fixed-term payment order through your post office or bank, or pay your patronage contribution in advance for a maximum period of five years.


  • Can I give Rega patronage to someone as a gift?
    Yes. You can send us the necessary details of the person concerned by registering them online. You will then receive the necessary forms for registering a patron. As soon as the patronage contribution has been paid, the patronage card will be sent in a gift presentation either to you or direct to the card holder.


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