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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Rega in general


  • How many members of staff does Rega employ?
    Rega employs approximately 380 permanent members of staff (April 2017). These can be divided into the following categories:
    • Helicopter pilots (45)
    • Jet Pilots (23)
    • Medical staff (90)
    • Mechanics (29)
    • Flight coordinators (48)
    • Support / Administration (145)

  • How is Rega financed?
    Rega is fundamentally financed by two main pillars: the numerous patronage contributions made by the Swiss people and the income generated by the services it renders (payments from insurance companies, etc.). Patronage contributions account for around 60 % of the total revenue, which means that Rega's activities are predominantly funded by its patrons. The state, on the other hand, does not subsidise this privately run, non-profit organisation in any way.

    As Rega keeps its entire infrastructure free for performing air-rescue and air-ambulance missions and refrains from carrying out any commercial activities, its operations are not cost-covering. That is comparable with a fire brigade, whose vehicles cannot be used for commercial purposes and whose stand-by services do not cover the ensuing costs. Rega's round-the-clock operational readiness means that it is not able to optimise the capacity of its helicopters and ambulance jets by carrying out commercial, non medically-justified flights.

    Being constantly on standby to carry out missions at night and in remote regions requires substantial financial resources. Furthermore, from time to time, Rega's infrastructure, aircraft and equipment need to be updated if its fleet is to keep pace with the latest developments in the spheres of safety and medical equipment. This is made possible by the annual patrons' contributions.

    The question as to whether such expense is justified is totally superfluous. Aviation and medicine are two areas in which standing still means taking a step backwards. Today's innovations are all too soon tomorrow's antiques. Rega will continue to consciously uphold its policy of not cutting costs in two vital areas: its staff and its rescue equipment. In this field of work, where every day minutes decide between life and death, only the very best is good enough.


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