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Amendments to your patronage data

  • The master data sheet that Rega has sent me is incorrect. What should I do?
    The master data sheet shows all your personal data that is stored in our records. If something is not correct – for example, if in the meantime you have moved – there is no need to worry. Your Rega patronage is still valid. However, we do ask you to inform us of any necessary amendments so that we can keep our database up to date. To do so, please use the online form “Amend your patronage details" , on our website. Here you can log in with your patronage number and PIN code – both of which can be found on the master data sheet – and inform us of any changes.


  • What can Rega’s new patronage administration system do and why is it better than the old system?
    In 2015, Rega completely modernised its data management system in order to be better able to serve its patrons in an increasingly complex social environment. The amended processes and data structures now allow the details of all those covered by a single patronage to be recorded; at the end of 2015, a total of 3,283,000 patrons were entered on the computer system. Until then, Rega had had no details about each individual person, but only about the number of Individual, Family and One-Parent patronages. However, this number did not include, for example, partners or minors listed under a Family patronage. While previously only one card could be issued per Family patronage, now all the family members officially registered under a single patronage receive their own personal Rega patronage card.


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