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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Rescue services

SAC/Swiss Alpine Rescue

  • Why does Rega often take a helicopter rescue specialist from the Swiss Alpine Club with it on missions? What is his task?
    The SAC helicopter rescue specialist is specially trained to deal with missions in difficult terrain. He is responsible for the safety of the crew when facing the risks posed by Alpine regions. The Rega physician should be able to fully concentrate on the needs of the patient - it is the job of the helicopter rescue specialist to ensure that he is able to do so.

    The SAC helicopter rescue specialists are organised into emergency response teams and are called out by the Rega Operations Centre to help with missions in inhospitable terrain. Usually they are picked up by the helicopter on the way to the accident site, such as from a location near to where they work.


  • Does Rega have specially trained glacier pilots and/or rescuers? What special training do they receive?
    Rescue missions on glaciers are generally performed in a joint effort by Rega and the Swiss Alpine Club/Swiss Alpine Rescue. With missions in difficult terrain, the helicopter crews from Rega's mountain bases are accompanied by a helicopter rescue specialist from the SAC. They are familiar with the dangers posed by alpine regions, and know how to move around safely in this terrain. All Rega helicopter pilots are trained to cope with the challenging task of flying and landing in the mountains, and are required to undergo a check every year.

    The SAC rescuers are trained how to use the crevasse rescue kit and to perform the improvised rescue technique. Every year, they attend rescue courses, in which they brush up and enhance their skills and knowledge. These courses are organised by the SAC rescue stations and regional associations belonging to Swiss Alpine Rescue (SAR).


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