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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Rescue services

Premature babies

  • What does Rega particularly have to pay attention to when transporting newborn babies?
    It often occurs that babies are born earlier than expected, sometimes several weeks too early. These premature babies are particularly vulnerable and sensitive, as not all of their bodily functions are fully developed. They particularly need a warm environment, because they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature in the same way as adults do.

    To achieve this, they are placed into special incubators. If necessary, they can be artificially respirated and given infusions.

    If premature babies need to be transported from one hospital to another, it is vital that they receive continuous treatment and medical care. As a result, special transport incubators have been designed to allow babies to be treated under constant conditions and without interruption.

    This equipment also needs to comply with all the aeronautical requirements; for example, they must not interfere with the in-flight electronics of the helicopter or ambulance jet in any way.

    Transports of this kind are generally accompanied by special teams comprising specialist physicians and intensive-care nurses from the neonatal units of major Swiss hospitals.


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