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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Mobile app


  • In what way is the iRega App different to standard GPS devices?
    When the alarm is raised using the iRega App, the coordinates of the caller’s current position are transmitted directly to Rega’s Operations Centre. The flight coordinator sees this position directly on the map on his screen, which enables him to mobilise the necessary rescue services more efficiently. In addition, the automatic transfer of data prevents errors from occurring, which can otherwise arise when giving coordinate data verbally in a stress situation.


  • For which operating systems is the Rega app available?
    The Rega app is available for iOS, Android and Windows and can be downloaded for free from the corresponding App Store.

    However, if there is no Rega app available for your mobile phone, the Rega Operations Centre has another device that helps when raising the alarm. In order to pinpoint the precise position of a smartphone owner, they are sent an SMS with a link. By opening this link, the recipient can then transmit their coordinates to the Operations Centre via a mobile website.

    The prerequisites for this procedure are a data-capable smartphone with GPS receiver and sufficient network coverage. In addition, the “Location Services” function needs to be enabled both in your phone settings and in Internet Explorer. In the case of smartphones with foreign SIM cards, the data roaming function also needs to be activated.


  • Can I incur costs by using the Rega App?
    Like many other applications, the Rega app uses a mobile data link to perform certain functions (e.g. displaying the map, downloading more detailed information or raising the alarm). Depending on the contract you have with your mobile phone provider, this may result in additional charges being payable.


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