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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Mobile app


  • What software do I need to be able to install the Rega app on my smartphone?
    iOS: The Rega app will work on iPhones running iOS 8 or above. If you have an older version, you first need to download an update onto your iPhone via your computer.

    Android: For Android smartphones, a 2.1 operating system or more recent version is required. If you have an older version, you should ask your phone provider if your smartphone can be upgraded.


  • I can’t find the application in my store under the keyword "Rega". Why is that?
    The application was tested for use with the Swiss mobile network and is not able to cover all roaming possibilities. Consequently, it is not available in foreign stores mainly due to technical reasons.

    In order to nevertheless download the app for your mobile, you need to open a separate account in the Swiss App Store. For this, you require a Swiss address (the address of your holiday or hotel apartment will suffice) and a Swiss means of payment (Swiss credit card or a gift card purchased in Switzerland).

    However, you must be aware that Rega has not carried out tests for mobile phones operating over foreign providers, so you should be sure to use the test alarm function.


  • Why am I not able to use all the Rega app functions on my tablet?
    When the alarm is raised using the Rega app, a telephone connection is set up with Rega’s Operations Centre. This takes place via the mobile phone network. However, most tablets do not allow calls over the mobile network; consequently, the alarm function does not work on these devices.


  • I would like to use the Rega app in another language. How do I do this?
    The language in which the Rega app is displayed depends on the language setting on your device. We support the languages German, French, Italian and English. If your smartphone is set to a language other than these, the Rega app will automatically default to English.

    Therefore, you can use the German, French, Italian or English version of the Rega app simply by enabling the appropriate language setting on your device.

    You can change the language on your smartphone under “Settings”.


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