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Milestones in Rega's history

Swiss Air-Rescue at the Engadin Ski Marathon in 1972What today functions in Switzerland almost as a matter of course has gradually developed over a period of decades. The history of Rega is an eventful one. While in earlier times, the only way to rescue people in distress in the mountains was overland, already in 1946 aircraft started being used for this purpose. Just a few years later, the increasingly popular helicopter took over this task, and as from 1960, Swiss Air-Rescue also began to transport seriously ill or injured persons back to Switzerland from countries abroad – by plane. The pioneers of the day shaped this age of development in the sphere of air-rescue.

The ever growing magnitude and professionalism in the field of air-rescue resulted in new organisational forms: what began as a section of the Schweizerische Lebensrettungsgesellschaft rescue association became an association, and finally assumed its present-day form as a privately-run, non-profit foundation.

Read more about how one of the best-known and most trustworthy organisations in Switzerland came into being.

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