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Paramedic HF, HEMS crew member (HCM)

Paramedic at work


The paramedic (Dipl. Rettungssanitäter/in HF) or hems crew member is a polyvalent team player with multitasking skills. Their tasks include the organisation and provision of emergency medical assistance to severely injured or ill persons, as well as their recovery from the accident site, in collaboration with the emergency flight physician. They also operate the rescue winch, perform various tasks in the cockpit, communicate over the radio with the mission partners, and carry out other tasks together with the pilot.


Professional requirements

  • Completed 3-year training as a "Dipl. Rettungssanitäter/-sanitäterin HF" (Paramedic)
  • At least 3 years' experience in the field of rescue
  • Technical skills
  • Interest in helicopter flying
  • Experience in mountain rescue
  • Successful completion of an aptitude test conducted by external specialists

Personal requirements

  • Ability to work under pressure, both physically and mentally
  • Positive aeromedical certificate
  • Ability to work in a team, flexibility, reliability
  • Accustomed to working independently
  • At mountain bases: competent at operating in Alpine regions
  • PC user knowledge (Office)
  • Knowledge of English
  • Place of work: one of the Rega helicopter bases
  • Must live within easy travelling distance of the helicopter base

In Switzerland, training to become a "Dipl. Rettungssanitäter/-sanitäterin HF" is carried out by a training institution approved by the Federal Office for Professional Education.

Rega does not train paramedics itself.


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