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Co-pilot, jet

Co-Pilot Ambulance Jet at work


Rega provides its services relating to the rescue and repatriation of people in distress 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a jet pilot, you are responsible for ensuring that the repatriation flights with Rega’s ambulance jets are carried out safely and reliably, both in Europe and worldwide. While on stand-by duty, you will be ready to undertake Aeroplane Emergency Medical Service (AEMS) missions as and when they arise. A pilot’s flying activities place great demands on their analytical and combinational thinking capacity, as well as on their ability to cope with pressure both mentally and – during long-haul missions – physically. During the flight, the pilot must ensure that at all times all operational and aeronautical decisions are made in a manner appropriate to the situation and that the correct action is taken in unforeseen situations or emergencies. In addition, you will work in close collaboration not only with your aviation colleagues in the cockpit, but also with the flight physician and intensive care nurse on board the aircraft, as well as with the Operations Centre at Zurich Airport.


Professional requirements

  • Completed vocational apprenticeship or Matura school-leaving examination
  • Valid CH.FCL professional pilot's licence with valid authorisation for instrument flights on multi-engine aircraft CPL(A), IR(A) and MEP (or higher)
  • Completed ATPL(A) theory course (frozen ATPL (A)) and the appropriate entry in your licence
  • Completed MCC course with MCC licence entry or experience in a multi-pilot cockpit with MCC licence entry
  • Minimum of 150 flight hours in fixed-wing aircraft, of which at least 100 hours as a PIC
  • Minimum language proficiency: English Level 4
  • Successful completion of an aptitude test (assessment) conducted by external experts
  • Successful completion of an internal aptitude test on a simulator (FNPT II) under the supervision of Rega’s chief flight instructor jet, as well as of an additional internal test focusing on theoretical ATPL(A) knowledge

General requirements

  • 25-35 years of age at the time of recruitment
  • Very good knowledge of German, good knowledge of English, basic knowledge of French

Personal requirements

  • Mature character, with the capacity to accurately assess your own abilities and to work in a team
  • Ability, both physically and mentally, to work under pressure
  • Helpfulness, flexibility and high level of motivation
  • Absolute reliability
  • Person of good repute
  • Competence in recognising technical contexts
  • Willingness to work irregular hours, incl. stand-by duty
  • Place of residence max. 60 minutes from the place of work at the Rega Centre, Zurich Airport


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