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Rega’s new emergency app now also for Android

Rega press release dated 11.01.2012

Emergency app

After the successful launch of the iRega iPhone app, Rega’s emergency application is now also available for Android smartphones. On raising the alarm, the Rega app also transmits the caller’s current position directly to Rega. Thus valuable time can be saved in the event of an emergency in Switzerland or abroad.

Two finger clicks is all it takes to initiate the alarm. At the same time, the user's coordinates and personal data are automatically transmitted to Rega's Operations Centre and a telephone connection is set up. After speaking to the person who has raised the alarm, Rega launches the rescue.

In order to use the Rega app, an Android smartphone running a 2.1 or more recent operating system is required. In addition, the phone must be equipped with a SIM card and be able to receive the appropriate signal (GPS, mobile phone network).

The test alarm, a function that has already proved highly popular in the iPhone version, is also available in the Android app, allowing users to practise for a real-life emergency.

360,000 downloads of the iPhone app

The iRega app for the iPhone has been downloaded approx. 360,000 times since it was launched in February 2011. Since then, over 170 real emergency calls have been made using this app.

Rega's Android app can be downloaded in the Swiss Android Market at:

Rega's iPhone app "iRega" can be downloaded from the Swiss App Store:


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