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The new Rega app

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Alert Rega: With the Rega app, you can alert the Rega Operations Centre with a single swipe and your position coordinates are automatically transmitted. This can save valuable time in an emergency. The free Rega app can be used both in Switzerland and abroad. In addition to the position coordinates, the personal details stored in the Rega app are transmitted to Rega and a telephone connection is set up with the Operations Centre. After speaking with the person raising the alarm, Rega will initiate a rescue if necessary.

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Practise for an emergency with the test alarm: In order for the app’s location feature to work, the GPS signal must be activated in the smart phone settings. It is particularly important to note that in order to raise the alarm via the Rega app, sufficient mobile phone reception is necessary. The Rega app also has a test alarm to allow you to practise for an emergency. 

New features

Icon share position

Share position with Rega: Share your position coordinates in the background with Rega – so that in an emergency a rescue can be carried out as efficiently as possible . This feature transmits the location of the smartphone to the Rega Operations Centre at regular intervals. If a search operation is necessary, Rega’s mission coordinators can access the database and ascertain the last known position of the smartphone.

Share position with contacts: Share your position coordinates with friends and family, for example, when you are out on a hike. The selected persons are sent a link enabling them to access a map displaying your current position. As soon as the app user disables the feature, the data is automatically deleted. This additional feature is available exclusively to Rega patrons.

Icon monitor activity

Monitor activity: The Rega app can also monitor your activity – such as when you are out and about on your own. Users can specify up to three emergency contacts, who will be automatically notified by means of a voice message if the app user is unable to acknowledge an automatic confirmation request on their smartphone or does not move for a certain period of time. This additional feature is exclusively reserved for use by Rega patrons. 


How to enable the additional features for Rega patrons:

1. Download the Rega app for iPhone or Android or update your Rega app to the new version 2.0.
2. Open the Rega app on your smartphone.
3. Click on “Configure now” and follow the instructions.
4. Activate the additional features for patrons: in the app, select the menu option, "Patron", at the bottom of the screen.
5. Select "Patron login" and enter your personal patronage number and the area code of your home address.

You can find your patronage number on your patronage card. 

Any further questions?

Do you have any questions regarding our mobile app? Here you will find helpful answers.
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The Rega website is accessible in accordance with the AA+ criteria laid down by the Access for All foundation. However, please note that the videos produced by Rega are excluded from this certification as they do not contain subtitles.

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