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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Rega App


  • In what way is the iRega App different to standard GPS devices?
    When the alarm is raised using the iRega App, the coordinates of the caller’s current position are transmitted directly to Rega’s Operations Centre. The flight coordinator sees this position directly on the map on his screen, which enables him to mobilise the necessary rescue services more efficiently. In addition, the automatic transfer of data prevents errors from occurring, which can otherwise arise when giving coordinate data verbally in a stress situation.


  • For which operating systems is the Rega app available?
    The Rega app is available for iOS, Android and Windows and can be downloaded for free from the corresponding App Store.

    However, if there is no Rega app available for your mobile phone, the Rega Operations Centre has another device that helps when raising the alarm. In order to pinpoint the precise position of a smartphone owner, they are sent an SMS with a link. By opening this link, the recipient can then transmit their coordinates to the Operations Centre via a mobile website.

    The prerequisites for this procedure are a data-capable smartphone with GPS receiver and sufficient network coverage. In addition, the “Location Services” function needs to be enabled both in your phone settings and in Internet Explorer. In the case of smartphones with foreign SIM cards, the data roaming function also needs to be activated.


  • Can I incur costs by using the Rega App?
    Like many other applications, the Rega app uses a mobile data link to perform certain functions (e.g. displaying the map, downloading more detailed information or raising the alarm). Depending on the contract you have with your mobile phone provider, this may result in additional charges being payable.




  • I can’t find the application in my store under the keyword "Rega". Why is that?
    The application was tested for use with the Swiss mobile network and is not able to cover all roaming possibilities. Consequently, it is not available in foreign stores mainly due to technical reasons.

    In order to nevertheless download the app for your mobile, you need to open a separate account in the Swiss App Store. For this, you require a Swiss address (the address of your holiday or hotel apartment will suffice) and a Swiss means of payment (Swiss credit card or a gift card purchased in Switzerland).

    However, you must be aware that Rega has not carried out tests for mobile phones operating over foreign providers, so you should be sure to use the test alarm function.


  • Why am I not able to use all the Rega app functions on my tablet?
    When the alarm is raised using the Rega app, a telephone connection is set up with Rega’s Operations Centre. This takes place via the mobile phone network. However, most tablets do not allow calls over the mobile network; consequently, the alarm function does not work on these devices.


  • I would like to use the Rega app in another language. How do I do this?
    The language in which the Rega app is displayed depends on the language setting on your device. We support the languages German, French, Italian and English. If your smartphone is set to a language other than these, the Rega app will automatically default to English.

    Therefore, you can use the German, French, Italian or English version of the Rega app simply by enabling the appropriate language setting on your device.

    You can change the language on your smartphone under “Settings”.



Raising the alarm

  • What happens when I initiate the test alarm?
    The test alarm is a one-way connection check; consequently, it does not initiate an emergency call at our Operations Centre. As soon as the test alarm has been successfully transmitted, you will receive an automatic voice message. We will also send you a confirmation by SMS.


  • Does the application also work when I only have very weak reception or even none at all?
    In order for an alarm call to be initiated, at least a minimal connection with a mobile network is necessary. In the absence of any network coverage at all, it is not possible to raise the alarm and thus it is also not possible to contact the Operations Centre by telephone.

    If reception is poor and no data network is available, the app will transmit the coordinates by SMS. However, in this case, too, a rescue will only be initiated after the Operations Centre has been contacted by telephone.


  • I’m deaf and therefore cannot make voice calls over telephone. How can I contact Rega in the event of an emergency?
    Basically speaking, our flight coordinators want to speak to the person who initiates the alarm. However, in the case of people who are deaf or hearing impaired, we recommend the following:

    Download the Rega app onto your iPhone or Android Smartphone. You can find out how to do this here:

    In the Rega app, select "Settings/Personal data", then in the field marked "Family name", enter your family name, as well as the words "deaf, via SMS".

    Important: Only enter this information (deaf, via SMS) under "Family name"; this field is always transmitted to the Rega Operations Centre.

    You should also ensure that your own mobile phone number is correctly entered in the field marked "Phone number of this handset".

    Therefore, in the event of an emergency, you can call out Rega via this app.
    Thanks to the data transmitted, the Rega Operations Centre is informed that you are deaf or hearing impaired and will contact you by SMS to request further information about the emergency.


  • I love going on hikes in the mountains and am often in Alpine areas close to the Swiss border. How should I proceed in the event of an emergency? Can I also call out Rega from areas bordering on Switzerland? And is this possible using the "I need help from abroad" function on the Rega app?

    Basically speaking, Rega does not fly emergency medical assistance directly to accident sites outside Switzerland. This is the responsibility of the appropriate rescue organisations in the country concerned. There are certain cases where Rega responds to emergencies in areas close to the Swiss border; then, however, it is explicitly called out by the local authorities responsible.

    If you find yourself in an emergency situation and are not sure which side of the Swiss border you are on, we recommend that you first contact Rega, either by calling the emergency number 1414 or by activating the "I need help in Switzerland" function on your Rega app. This is particularly advisable if the location is difficult to reach due to rough terrain, if the approach route is too long for emergency services on the ground to get to you quickly, or if you think that the severity of the injury or illness requires a rescue helicopter to be called out.

    If, on the other hand, you are sure that you are outside Swiss territory, we recommend that you call the European emergency number 112 or the number 911. Alternatively you can find out in advance the relevant emergency number for the country in question (for example, by consulting a travel guide) and then call that number. Experience has shown that this is the best and quickest way to deal with emergencies beyond the Swiss border, particularly if the appropriate regional rescue services need to ask you detailed information about the accident site and the local weather conditions. In the event that Rega does need to be called out, the regional operations centre will pass on all the necessary information.

    Fundamentally, the Rega app function, "I need help from abroad", is not intended for raising the alarm in the event of an acute emergency situation abroad. It particularly comes into its own when Rega is requested to repatriate severely ill or injured patients to Switzerland. In such cases, the patients have generally already been hospitalised. With the aid of the data provided via the Rega app, our medical consultants can discuss the case with the doctors on location and make arrangements for the patient to be flown back to Switzerland.


  • What is the purpose of the function, “Transmit position”, on my Windows smartphone?
    In the version for Windows smartphones, besides “Initiate alarm” and “Perform test”, the Rega app has an additional function. On initiating “Transmit position”, the current position of the smartphone is transmitted to Rega. It is naturally also possible to use this function several times, such as during a tour. This is particularly recommended for people who are out and about on their own, for example. In the event that a missing person is reported to Rega, this data can be evaluated and used to pinpoint the last known location of the app user.

    ATTENTION! By using this function, you are NOT initiating an alarm call and there is no guarantee that in an emergency it will actually be possible to find you. If you require help, please alert Rega via the “Initiate alarm” function! The use of the Rega app and its functions does not mean that you can dispense with observing general safety measures. Always take the necessary care.



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