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Die neue Rega-App

Rega's new emergency app

Rega's emergency app has proved its worth in thousands of missions and enables us day after day to come to the aid of people in distress as swiftly as possible. Now we have further improved the Rega app for you and developed some new features in addi tion to the tried­-and-­tested alarm function - some of them for Rega patrons.

Share position to enable a more efficient search

The new "Share position" feature helps Rega to find you faster if you have suffered an accident while you are out and about on your own and are unable to activate the alarm yourself. If this feature is enabled, the Rega app in the background regularly transmits your current position - either to Rega or to contacts selected by you, such as friends or family.

If you enable the "Share position with Rega" option before a bike tour, for example, your location will be automatically transmitted to Rega on a regular basis. This means that if something happens and you go missing, Rega can determine the last transmitted coordinates and thus search for you more efficiently. Rega only uses your position data in an emergency and only stores them as long as necessary.

If you also want to share your current position with friends or family, simply enable "Share position with contacts". Then they can follow your bike tour and know exactly where you are at any given time.


Monitoring your activity 

If you embark on a demanding mountain tour on your own or go jogging alone, you can have your activity monitored by means of the new "Acknowledgement" feature. With this function, you can specify at what time intervals or at what particular time the Rega app should ask you if everything is ok. At the specified time the app will, by means of a warning tone, request you to confirm that everything is all right by pressing a button.

If you fail to do so, the app will initiate a check call to your device. If you still do not respond, the emergency contacts that you entered when installing the app - such as friends or family members - will one after another be sent a voice message informing them of a potential emergency situation.

The idea behind this feature is that if something should happen to you and you are not able to acknowledge the app's confirmation request, your emergency contacts can investigate further and if there is reason to suspect an emergency situation alert Rega or the police.

The "Monitor activity" feature functions in a similar way. If your mobile phone does not move for 10 minutes, you will first be contacted by means of an acoustic signal and subsequently with a call. If you fail to respond, your emergency contacts are notified one after the other. So make sure you do not forget to disable the "Monitor activity" feature when you are taking a break.


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