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Rega ambulance jets transport injured children

Rega news dated 16.03.2012

Rega ambulance jets transport injured children

In the course of today, Rega’s three ambulance jets flew 14 victims of the tragic coach accident in Valais back to their home country. Also on board the aircraft were numerous members of the injured children's families.

Rega deployed its entire ambulance jet fleet to repatriate a total of 14 patients. The crews of the three Challenger CL-604 aircraft flew the casualties and their next-of-kin from Sierre back home to Belgium. A total of six flights from Valais to Brussels were necessary to carry out this repatriation mission, with each flight taking a little over an hour.

Last night, two Rega medical coordinators travelled to Sierre to ensure that the transfer of the patients to the ambulance jets took place as smoothly as possible.

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