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Rega exhibition at the Museum of Transport now with ambulance jet

Rega news dated 11.04.2019

Ambulance jet in front of the Museum of Transport

What does the downwash of a landing Rega helicopter feel like? What exactly happens in the Rega Operations Centre? Visitors to the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne can experience Rega interactively and close up at the "Medical help from the air" exhibition. Moreover, the exhibition was recently enriched by another major attraction.

It was a truly spectacular sight: at the beginning of March of this year, Rega's oldest serving Challenger CL-604 ambulance jet was transported by water from Alpnach to Lucerne. Its final journey took it to the Swiss Museum of Transport. Standing on three pillars outside the exhibition hall and accessible via a platform, the Rega jet has, since 16 April 2019, been one of the highlights of the permanent Rega exhibition, "Medical help from the air".

Tried-and-tested and well-travelled

The ambulance jet with the registration number HB-JRA was in operation for Rega for 16 years - longer than any other Rega jet before it. During this time, it flew to 156 countries worldwide, performed over 10,000 landings and - equipped as a flying intensive care unit - transported more than 4,400 patients back to Switzerland. "Romeo-Alpha", as it was referred to internally, was one of Rega's three Challenger CL-604 ambulance jets. The tried-and-tested long-haul jets were retired from service in 2018 and replaced by three aircraft of the successor model, Challenger 650.

Token of thanks for the Swiss population

More than 3.4 million patrons support Rega with their patronage contributions every year, thus allowing Switzerland to benefit from a unique air rescue system. As a token of thanks for this support, Rega is now giving back to the Swiss people "their" jet by gifting it to the Museum of Transport. In the course of a guided tour, the ambulance jet can be viewed from inside and provides a deeper insight into the global activities of Swiss Air-Rescue. In this way, the HB-JRA will continue to be "in the service" of the Swiss population in future.

Experience Rega with all the senses

Inside the Museum of Transport, further highlights await in the "Medical help from the air" exhibition. For the last year or so, visitors have not only been able to admire the rescue helicopters, but also to play an active role themselves: for example, they can experience how strong the downwash of a landing helicopter actually is, with powerful ventilators simulating the airstream created by the rotor blades.

At workplaces modelled on those at the Rega Operations Centre, interested visitors get an idea of the daily work carried out by the flight coordinators. Subsequently, they can test their knowledge in the Rega quiz. Completing the exhibition are a Rega cinema, comprehensive information about patronage, and a showcase relating Rega's history.

The Rega website is accessible in accordance with the AA+ criteria laid down by the Access for All foundation. However, please note that the videos produced by Rega are excluded from this certification as they do not contain subtitles.


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