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Knowledge: road accidents

On the road

Whether you are the first to arrive on the scene or an uninvolved road user, you too can do your bit to ensure that the rescue work has the maximum chance of success. We tell you how best you can help the rescue services in the minutes immediately after a road accident.

How can I help at the scene of an accident? 


What to do when you see a blue flashing light and hear a siren

1) General

GeneralAs soon as you hear a siren, look for an opportunity to pull over to the right-hand side of the road, or in exceptional cases onto the pavement, and stop. If this is not possible, carefully carry on driving but never change lanes.

2) In a tunnel

In a tunnel If it is not possible for you to move over to the side, carry on driving at normal speed. An emergency vehicle will not overtake you in a tunnel with oncoming traffic. Avoid stopping in the lanes of a tunnel.

3) First vehicle at a red light

First vehicle at a red light Even if the traffic lights are at red, drive a few metres forward and stop on the right-hand side of the road. Passing the red light in this instance is permitted and is not a punishable offence.

4) In congestion on a multi-lane road

In congestion on a multi-lane road Make a space between the left-hand and right-hand lane for the approaching emergency vehicle. The sole purpose of the hard shoulder is as a place to pull over in the event of a breakdown. It is not an overtaking lane or a stopping place for cars that are technically in working order.

5) On roads or in congestion with a solid line

On roads or in congestion with a solid line Move over to the right-hand side of the road (in exceptional cases onto the pavement) and stop. Make enough space for the approaching emergency vehicle to pass; for safety reasons it will not cross the solid line. 


You can find more on this subject in the issue 84 of our Rega Magazine 1414:

Rega Magazine 1414, Issue 84 (PDF, 5 MB)

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