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+41 333 333 333

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Rega at your service

Rega is on stand-by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond to emergency calls – both in Switzerland and abroad. Are you seriously injured or ill? With Rega, you can count on swift, uncomplicated emergency assistance by air!

Hiking accident in Switzerland – a case for Rega

Operations in Switzerland

Mr and Mrs K. are enjoying a hike over the Segnas Pass. They could never have imagined that their excursion would finish in a Rega rescue helicopter…

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Accident abroad – Rega comes to the rescue

Operations abroad

During their holiday on Corfu, Mr and Mrs M. hire a motor scooter. They are not to know that their vacation is about to come to an abrupt end… 

 Learn more about Rega's operations abroad

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