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The Rega fleet

The Rega fleet

Rega operates 18 helicopters and 3 ambulance jets. The helicopter fleet comprises 6 Airbus Helicopters EC 145 machines, stationed at the lowland bases in Zurich, Basel, Berne and Lausanne, and 11 AgustaWestland Da Vinci located at the mountain bases in Untervaz, Locarno, St. Gallen, Erstfeld, Samedan, Wilderswil, Mollis and Zweisimmen.

At any one time, 5 rescue helicopters are reserve machines, which are either undergoing maintenance or being used for training purposes.

In addition, at the end of 2016, Rega commenced operations with a helicopter of the type, Airbus Helicopters H125, which it uses for training purposes.

The three ambulance jets Challenger CL-604 from Bombardier are replaced in 2018 by the successor model, the Challenger 650. It features a specially designed, multifunctional stretcher and a lighter, better soundproofed cabin. Stateof-the-art avionics in the cockpit allow the Rega pilots to select time- and fuel-saving flight routes. 

AgustaWestland Da Vinci

Number of helicopters: 11


Airbus Helicopters EC 145

Number of helicopters: 6


Airbus Helicopters H125

Number of helicopters: 1


Challenger 650

Number of ambulance jets: 3


Special equipment

From the air rescue bag to the night-vision goggles: Rega's special equipment.


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