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Airbus Helicopters EC 145

External view of the EC 145

The Airbus Helicopters EC 145 has plenty of space to accommodate the patient, physician, pilot and paramedic. It has a long range and is equipped with a high-performance hoist system. The EC 145 is the completely revised successor of the well-known BK 117 and EC 135 models.

Technical data

2 engines (Arriel 1E2), take-off power 2 x 720 HP
Rotor diameter 11.00 m
Length 13.03 m
Height 3.95 m
Max. flying speed approx. 220 km/h
Empty weight approx. 2220 kg
Max. take-off weight 3585 kg
Operational altitude over 5000 m a.s.l.
Hoist 90 m, 270 kg
Patient capacity 1 lying, 1 sitting

Cabin layout

Illustration of the interior of the EC 145: At the front, in the cockpit, the pilot's seat is on the right and that of the paramedic on the left. Behind, in the cabin, the emergency flight physician sits next to the lying patient. 

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