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Rega 3: Base at Belpmoos

The Berne base with its current rescue helicopter, the EC 145


Rega Bern
Flugplatzstrasse 1
3123 Belp

Phone no.: 031 819 65 11

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It is not just members of the Swiss government who take off from Berne-Belpmoos Airport; Rega, too, has been flying missions from "Mösli", as it is affectionately called, since 1976.

1976–1995: Bölkow BO 105C / 105 CBSIn those days the base was little more than a hut; the rescue helicopter, a Bell 206 Jet Ranger, stood outside in the open air. This machine was soon replaced by a Bölkow BO 105 CBS, which was more spacious and, with its two engines, was Rega’s first twin-engine helicopter.

1983–1995: Alouette III 319BFrom 1983, an Alouette III was also stationed at the Berne base. This helicopter served as a reserve machine for French-speaking Switzerland and was used above all to perform hoist operations. In 1980, the Berne base carried out its first “road rescue” in the canton of Berne. Since 1984, the Inselspital hospital in Berne has been under contract to provide the medical stand-by service.

New building, new helicopter

1995–2003: Agusta A 109 K2In autumn 1991, the Rega crew took up residence at the new Berne base. Now the hangar, offices and living quarters were united under one roof. The new building was awarded an environmental award by the Belp Airport authorities for, among other things, its heat pump plant and the landscaping of its flat roof.

In 1995, the two helicopters were replaced by an Agusta A 109 K2. Since 30 June 2003, the Berne base has operated a EC 145. 

Typical lowland base

since 2003: EC 145Rega's Berne base is a lowland base, which explains the high proportion of operations relating to road accidents. The number of primary missions (accidents) is more or less on a par with the amount of secondary missions (interhospital transfers). These days, the Berne crew fly around 800 missions a year, many of which end up at the Inselspital.

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