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Rega 8: Base in the heart of original Switzerland

The Erstfeld base with its current rescue helicopter, the AgustaWestland Da Vinci


Rega Erstfeld
Reussstrasse 40
6472 Erstfeld

Phone no.: 041 882 03 33

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Already as early as 1966, Rega performed its first rescue missions in the Urnerland region of central Switzerland. At that time, Swiss Air-Rescue commissioned the helicopter firm, Heliswiss, to fly missions on its behalf from Erstfeld, primarily for injured mountain hikers and climbers.

1977–1995: Alouette III 319BOver the following years, the number of operations quickly grew, and in 1978 Rega decided to station its own helicopter, an Alouette III with the registration number HB-XFM, in Erstfeld.

Move to a distinctive new building in 1991

1995–2009: Agusta A 109 K2In 1980, Rega contracted the services of its own physician to deal with medical emergencies in the canton of Uri. Three years later, it also hired a pilot and a flight assistant. In June 1991, the Uri crew moved into the distinctive new building of the Erstfeld helicopter base and, in May 1995, took delivery of a brand new Agusta A 109 K2. Since December 2009, an AgustaWestland Da Vinci helicopter has been in operation in Erstfeld.

Twenty-four years after the construction of what at the time was an ultra-modern helicopter base, in 2014 the building was completely modernised and an extension was added to bring it up to Rega's present-day high standards. 

Mountain base at 460 metres above sea-level

since 2010: AgustaWestland Da VinciAlthough located at just 460 metres above sea-level, Rega 8 is regarded as a mountain base. Consequently, in the summer its operations mainly involve accidents in the mountains, while during the winter months the crew are frequently called out to attend to injured winter sport enthusiasts.

In addition to road and occupational accidents, interhospital transfers play an important role. The centrally located base also frequently receives requests to assist with missions in other regions.

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