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Rega partner base in Geneva

The partner base in Geneva with its yellow helicopter

Air rescue in the canton of Geneva started in 1971, when the Geneva State Council resolved to procure its own helicopter to assist with civil defence and police operations.

Official collaboration

In 1987, the Geneva civil protection authority signed a collaboration agreement with Rega and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). Within the framework of this cooperation, HUG supplied Rega with anaesthetists, thus providing the team with medical competence. This meant that the Geneva helicopter crew could now be deployed for rescue missions and patient transports using the radio call sign, "Rega 15". All missions performed by Rega 15 are coordinated by Rega's Operations Centre and the Geneva 144 emergency call centre (CASU).

In 2001, the helicopter base celebrated its 30th anniversary. At the same time, a cantonal vote on legislation relating to the quality, speed and efficiency of urgent medical transports led to the Geneva base becoming affiliated to Geneva University Hospitals. In 2003, the Ecureuil rescue helicopter was replaced by a new dual-engine EC135 helicopter, which is still in operation today. 

Broad scope of operations

The Geneva-based rescue helicopter during an exercise with the lake police

Whether accident, illness, search flight or transport of premature babies: the scope of operations performed by the partner base in Geneva is broad. Its yellow helicopter flies more than 300 missions every year. In addition, the Geneva crew regularly works together with various operational partners - such as the Geneva Fire Service (SIS), Swiss Alpine Rescue (ARS), the French emergency medical service (SAMU), the International Rescue Society of the Lake of Geneva (SISL) and Geneva Airport Security Services (SSA).

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