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Rega 12: Base in Glarus

The Mollis base with its current rescue helicopter, the AgustaWestland Da Vinci


Rega Mollis
8753 Mollis

Phone no.: 055 614 55 55

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In 1974, the helicopter firm, Heli-Linth, started to fly rescue missions on behalf of Rega. Its first helicopter was a Bell 206 Jet Ranger; later an Alouette III was used, followed by a Twin Ecureuil. Subsequently, the rescue crew flew with a MD 902, and finally, until Easter 2010, an Ecureuil B3. Since then, Rega has operated the Mollis helicopter base itself.

Rega and Heli-Linth still continue to work very closely together, for both are dependent on each other. In fact, the Rega helicopter and Heli-Linth's transport helicopters share a hangar, for Rega rents the facilities here to use as a base.

Swiss Air-Rescue also has its own helicopter stationed in Mollis, which performs the task of a medically-dedicated helicopter complete with flight physician and paramedic. However, if rescuers from the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) need to be transported to a particular location, or after an avalanche accident search dog teams are required, or passengers need to be evacuated from a cable car, Heli-Linth is called upon to perform these tasks on behalf of Rega using their own, highly modern transport helicopters. Missions to assist mountain farmers are also entrusted to Heli-Linth.

AgustaWestland Da Vinci at the Mollis daytime bases

The majority of accidents in this region occur in the winter months. As a result, between the beginning of December and Easter, Rega's new AgustaWestland Da Vinci helicopter is constantly on stand-by in Mollis. Two pilots from Heli-Linth have been trained to fly the Da Vinci, and carry out missions for both Rega and Heli-Linth.

The team is supplemented by three Rega paramedics. Added to this are the emergency physicians who are put at Rega's disposal by Glarus Cantonal Hospital within the framework of a special cooperation. The number of rescue missions carried out varies depending on both the season and the weather. Consequently, Rega 12 - as it is known in radio speak - is also on stand-by during weekends in the summer and autumn.

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