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Rega 5: Base in Northern Graubünden

The Untervaz base with its current rescue helicopter, the AgustaWestland Da Vinci


Rega Untervaz
Polenlöserweg 30a
7204 Untervaz

Phone no.: 081 300 09 99

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As early as 1976, Rega stationed a rescue helicopter at Bad Ragaz Airport in order to carry out its operations in Eastern Switzerland. In those days, the rescue missions were performed on behalf of Rega by Air Grischa, using an Alouette III with the registration number HB-XDF; already in its first year, the crews flew more than 70 missions.

1976–1992: Alouette III 319BFrom autumn 1980, Rega operated its base in Bad Ragaz for the first time using its own staff. In 1982, Air Grischa and Rega inaugurated their brand new joint base, complete with hangar, in Untervaz. From then on, the rescue helicopter operated by the new Graubünden base took off from Untervaz.


1992–2009: Agusta A 109 K2August 1992 marked the beginning of a new Rega era at the northern Graubünden base. The first of the new, twin-engine rescue helicopters, the Agusta A 109 K2, commenced operations in Untervaz. The increase in the number of missions soon called for even larger facilities, and in 1998 a new, more spacious building was constructed.

since 2010: AgustaWestland Da VinciIn November 2009, the Untervaz base took delivery of the new mountain helicopter, AgustaWestland Da Vinci, bearing the registration number HB-ZRW.

Nowadays, the crew at the Rega base in Untervaz fly around 700 missions each year. The majority of these involve winter and summer sport accidents.

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