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Intensive Care Flight Nurse at work

Not all patients are repatriated on board a Rega ambulance jet. Each transport is preceded by extensive assessment of the patient’s medical condition by an experienced Rega medical consultant.

Detailed clarifications, tailor-made assistance

In many cases, the problem can be solved simply by giving competent medical advice, without accompanied repatriation being necessary. This might comprise, for example, finding out the address of the nearest suitable hospital or doctor, or helping to obtain necessary medicaments. Or perhaps it is sufficient to arrange for a wheelchair or other practical aid so that the patient is able to travel home on his or her own.

In serious cases, if the patient's medical condition permits, he or she is flown home on board a scheduled airline. In such an event, a stretcher is installed in the aircraft and a Rega physician or Intensive Care Flight Nurse accompanies and attends to the patient throughout the flight. Here, too, the Rega Operations Centre makes all the necessary clarifications and arranges the flight back to Switzerland.

Versatile Rega ambulance jets

Whether they are used to transport rescuers to disaster areas or serve as a “flying intensive-care unit”, Rega's ambulance jets are extremely versatile. Their tasks include the following:

  • Transport of helpers and rescue dogs to disaster areas as part of the Swiss Rescue Chain
  • Transfer of newborn babies in a transportable incubator. These flights are accompanied by a specialist team from the University Children's Hospital Zurich or the University Hospital Centre of Vaud (CHUV) in Lausanne.
  • Repatriations of seriously ill patients in the “flying intensive-care unit”. Patients suffering from cardiopulmonary failure can be attached to a heart-lung machine (ECMO); in certain situations, an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) is also used to mechanically support the blood circulation.

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