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The Operations Centre is located in the Rega Centre at Zurich Airport. Here emergency calls are received around the clock from both within Switzerland and abroad, and more than 17,000 rescue missions are organised each year.

1414 for rescues within Switzerland

For rescues within Switzerland, the flight coordinators can be reached by calling Rega's emergency number 1414. They have five workplaces at their disposal, which in the high season are fully occupied. In order to be able to organise rescues as swiftly as possible, the flight coordinators use highly modern despatch systems. Electronic aids, such as a geographical information system, up-to-date and accurate meteorological data, radio systems and a mobile phone tracking programme, also facilitate their work.

+41 333 333 333 for emergencies abroad

If people travelling abroad suddenly suffer health problems, Rega helps by providing competent medical advice over the telephone or, in more serious cases, by arranging for the person to be repatriated to Switzerland. In the event of an emergency abroad, the Rega flight coordinators can be contacted around the clock via the emergency number +41 333 333 333. Thanks to the despatch system, they can quickly find the necessary information about hospitals, ground ambulances and airports both at home and abroad. The flight coordinators plan and coordinate the missions in such a way that in emergency situations patients can be swiftly transported to the nearest airport or to a specialised clinic on location.

Video: Rega’s new Operations Centre

In this short video, you can take a look inside Rega's state-of-the-art "nerve centre", and discover how the new software helps our flight coordinators in an optimal way.

The Rega website is accessible in accordance with the AA+ criteria laid down by the Access for All foundation. However, please note that the videos produced by Rega are excluded from this certification as they do not contain subtitles.

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