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Rescue hand in hand

Depending on the type of mission, Rega crews require the assistance of operation partners with specialised knowledge, expertise and equipment.

Swiss Alpine Rescue and the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)

SAC helicopter rescue specialist suspended at the end of a hoist cable

The Swiss Alpine Rescue (ARS) foundation was set up by the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) and Swiss-Air Rescue, Rega with the objective of coming to the aid of people who find themselves in serious difficulties in the mountains. The SAC’s helicopter rescue specialists (RSH) are used above all for missions in rough terrain, where they are responsible for securing the accident site to enable the emergency physician to attend to the patient without hindrance.

Ambulance services 144

A patient is transferred from the ground ambulance into the Rega helicopter

In the course of its missions, Rega works closely with the ambulance services. In the case of road accidents, for example, Rega is often called out by the ambulance emergency service 144 or by the ambulance staff at the accident site.
Swiss rescue services


Members of the police force guide the Rega rescue helicopter at the accident site

Rega frequently works side by side with the police – such as, for example, when carrying out search operations or dealing with diving accidents.

Fire services

A burning building: the fire service and Rega train for a real-life emergency

Whether recovering accident victims or fighting fires, the fire brigade is an important partner for Rega.

Piste rescue services

Ski piste employee showing the Rega helicopter where to land

Every year, more than 1,400 Rega missions are performed in response to winter sport accidents. Consequently, good cooperation with the piste rescue services is particularly important. 
Piste rescue services

Commercial helicopter transport firms

Helicopter operated by Heli-Linth AG during landing

On a number of missions, Rega works together with commercial helicopter firms. Such operations include rescues from avalanches or glacier crevasses, search flights, and the recovery of cattle from Alpine pastures.
Swiss Helicopter Association

Swiss Air Force

Side by side: a H135M from the Swiss Air Force and Rega's AgustaWestland Da Vinci mountain helicopter

The Swiss Air Force comes to Rega’s aid particularly when search flights need to be carried out at night. The air force has at its disposal helicopters that are equipped with state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras.
Swiss Air Force


Dog in front of Rega ambulance jet

 Rega assists REDOG with transport to disaster areas. 

Speleo-Secours Switzerland

Specialists from Speleo-Secours during a cave rescue

The rescuers from the Swiss cave rescue association, Speleo-Secours Switzerland, are called out via the Rega Operations Centre. Cave rescues are particularly difficult and dangerous, and require highly-trained specialists.
Speleo-Secours Switzerland

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