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Ski goggles Wooden Rega helicopter "Traveller" multitool 
Outdoor first aid kit Rega solar watch Bicycle helmet
Bicycle helmet
Uvex city i-vo 52-57 cm
CHF 119.00
Rega solar watch
20% Discount
"Traveller" multitool 
by Victorinox
CHF 112.00
Outdoor first aid kit
First aid
CHF 89.00
Ski goggles
uvex downhill 2000
CHF 99.00
Wooden Rega helicopter
Also available as jet
CHF 15.00
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Phone no.: 0848 514 514
Monday - Friday: 8.00-12.00 noon and 1.00-5.00pm
Prices in  CHF EUR

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Wooden Rega helicopter

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Wooden Rega helicopter

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