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"Rega Backstage" illustrated book

"Rega Backstage" illustrated book Article no. 10017

Since it was founded in 1952, generations of employees have shaped Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, and with it, the success story of air rescue in Switzerland. Featuring 120 impressive pictures and numerous fascinating texts, this book document how state-of-the-art medical services by air work and who the people are who are committed to serving the welfare of their patients day after day.

The authors are Rega employees. AS Verlag. Published in four languages: D/F/I/E. Format 30 x 24 cm, 128 pages, 120 Pictures.

CHF 45.00

DVD "Rega close up" (E)

DVD "Rega close up" (E) Article no. 20018

Experience Rega close up! The 68-minute DVD documentation portrays scenes from everyday life at Rega.
In English (also available in G, F & I).

CHF 15.00

Rega wall calendar

Rega wall calendar Article no. 90001

Rega employees have captured rare, out-of-the ordinary scenes with a camera. Twelve spectacular photographs accompany you throughout the year, month by month. Format 48 × 33 cm. Picture captions in D/F/I/E.

CHF 12.00

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