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Wooden Rega helicopter

Wooden Rega helicopter Article no. 40028

Destination nursery: the helicopter in red & white Rega colours is made from maple wood and guarantees budding young pilots hours of fun. There is plenty to discover, feel and grasp: rounded contours, a movable propeller, rolling wheels. Recommended for children aged 10 months and over. Manufactured by Hape Toys, complies with European toy standards. Dimensions: 6.5 x12.7 x 8.8 cm.

CHF 10.00

Ambulance jet soft toy

Ambulance jet soft toy Article no. 50022

For young children to play with and cuddle.

CHF 10.00

Helicopter soft toy

Helicopter soft toy Article no. 50004

Soft and cute rescue helicopter for young children to play with and cuddle.
Size: 20cm

CHF 10.00

Globi colouring book

Globi colouring book Article no. 40038

New adventures in the "Globi bei der Rega" (Globi at Rega) series. In German.

CHF 5.00

Globi book (d)

Globi book (d) Article no. 40040

"Globi bei der Rettungsflugwacht"
Children's story book, available in German

CHF 20.00

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Wooden Rega helicopter

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Wooden Rega helicopter

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