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Every single donation is very welcome and will be diligently used for our air-rescue services. Whether you are a private person, a company or an institution, by donating an amount of your choice, you can support Rega's work and make a substantial contribution towards enabling us to provide swift, uncomplicated assistance by air whenever it is needed.

It is very simple to make a donation to Rega. You decide how, when, and how much you would like to donate. Many thanks for your support!

General donation

You can support our work by donating any amount of your choice. Whether big or small, a spontaneous gift or to mark a particular occasion, we are grateful for every donation. Help us to allocate your donation to the correct category by indicating on payment the reason for your donation. Many thanks!

Special event donation

You are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding, and instead of receiving a gift you would like a donation to be made in order to support our work in an effective and meaningful way. When making your payment, please give the full name and address of the person(s) celebrating their birthday/anniversary/wedding, etc. Many thanks!

Corporate donation

For many firms, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of their corporate culture. With a corporate donation, your company can underscore its solidarity with Rega and help us to maintain our autonomy. We would be grateful if, at the time of making your payment, you would indicate the reason for your donation. If it is to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday or wedding, please also give the full name and address of the person(s) concerned. Many thanks!

Memorial donation

Often, at the request of the deceased or the next-of-kin, a donation is made to a non-profit organisation such as Rega in lieu of flowers or wreaths. We would be grateful if you would indicate on the paying-in slip the full name of the deceased, as well as the bereaved family’s name and address, so that we can inform the family of the donations that have been received. Many thanks!

Method of payment:

  • By paying-in slip

    Please indicate on the paying-in slip the reason for your donation and, if appropriate, any further information that is of relevance. You can, however, also order from us pre-printed paying-in slips already bearing the appropriate information.
    Order form

    Postal account: 80-55909-6

    Our address:
    Swiss Air-Rescue (Rega), PO Box 1414, 8058 Zurich Airport
  • By e-banking or PostFinance

    By paying electronically, you can transfer your donation swiftly and flexibly. Please indicate on the payment order the reason for your donation and, if appropriate, any further information that is of relevance.

    Postal account: 80-55909-6

    Bank account: UBS AG, 8098 Zurich
    Account no.: 225 952 91301 C
    IBAN: CH51 0022 5225 9529 1301 C
    BIC/Swift: UBSWCHZH80A

    Our address:
    Swiss Air-Rescue (Rega), PO Box 1414, 8058 Zurich Airport
  • By credit card/PostCard

    You can make your donation simply and directly by paying by Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PostCard. Your online donation is processed via an encrypted, secure link.
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Please note that making a donation does not automatically make you a Rega patron. If you would also like to become a patron, please use the appropriate registration form.
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Do you have any questions?

We would be pleased to help you. We can be contacted as follows:
Monday-Friday, 8.30-12.00 noon and 1.00-4.30pm
phone no. +41 (0)844 834 844.
Contact form

Tax relief

In most cantons in Switzerland, any donations you make to Rega are tax deductible. Paying-in slips and postal account/bank statements are accepted as proof of payment.


Further information

Become a Rega patron

Thank you for your support

Become a Rega patron!

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