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  • Does Rega patronage count as an insurance?
    No. Rega is a privately run, non-profit organisation that depends on voluntary funding. Patronage contributions are deemed to be donations. In grateful acknowledgement of patrons' support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive or reduce the costs of any emergency services that it has provided or organised on their behalf, in the event that insurance companies or any other third party are not liable to pay and thus not required to reimburse the costs of the rescue operation, whether wholly or in part.


  • Is it possible to call up the details relating to my patronage via the Internet, and even make any necessary amendments?
    Yes, it is possible to call up your own patronage details on the Internet. All Rega patrons are sent a personal PIN code with the invitation to renew their patronage. In order to call up your personal data, you will need to enter your patronage number and this PIN code.

    The personal data relating to your Rega patronage is just a mouse click away ( However, you cannot amend this data yourself. Amendments can be made by completing the web form that appears immediately after you have viewed your patronage data or by calling our patrons' hotline on 0844 834 844.




  • What benefits do I enjoy as a Rega patron?
    In grateful acknowledgement of patrons' support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive or reduce the costs of any emergency services that it has provided or organised on their behalf, in the event that insurance companies or any other third party are not liable to pay and thus not required to reimburse the costs of the rescue operation, whether wholly or in part.


  • Does Rega offer a long-term or even life patronage?
    No. To date, we have decided against introducing a life patronage for various reasons. Instead, you could arrange for a fixed-term payment order through your post office or bank, or pay your patronage contribution in advance for a maximum period of five years.


  • Can I give Rega patronage to someone as a gift?
    Yes. You can send us the necessary details of the person concerned by registering them online. You will then receive the necessary forms for registering a patron. As soon as the patronage contribution has been paid, the patronage card will be sent in a gift presentation either to you or direct to the card holder.



Patronage for non-Swiss

  • I am Swiss and am planning to emigrate. Can I continue to be a Rega patron?
    Yes, every single contribution is invaluable in helping us to operate competent, professional air-rescue services both at home and abroad. The entire scope of benefits offered within the framework of a valid Rega patronage are valid for patrons domiciled in Switzerland and Swiss patrons living abroad.



Collective patronage

  • Do you offer a collective Rega patronage for school classes?
    No. Rega patronages are personal. However, Rega does support sport activities carried out by children and young people within the framework of the sports promotion programme, Jugend und Sport (J+S), operated by the Federal Office for Sport (BASPO). Anyone taking part in a J+S camp in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein who is of J+S age is deemed to be a Rega patron for the duration of the camp. Participants must, however, be registered in the sports data base before the start of the event.



Family patronage



  • Is it possible to include my dog in our Family patronage, like farmers do with their cattle?
    No, Rega's purpose is to come to the aid of people in distress and in need of emergency assistance. As a result, it operates with top-quality equipment and a highly-trained crew, including an emergency physician. A Rega mission is thus fundamentally geared towards people. There are other organisations that are responsible for the rescue of animals (with the exception of farm animals in alpine regions).


  • Are horses included in the Family patronage for farmers, in the same way as cattle?
    As is set out in our Conditions of Patronage, Rega organises animal transport solely for cattle - whether they are injured, ill or dead. Rega, the Schweizer Berghilfe organisation and the relevant insurance companies are responsible for organising and performing helicopter transports on behalf of Alpine farmers provided that no other means of transport can be used. In the vast majority of cases, such operations are not carried out by Rega, but rather by commercial helicopter transport firms.



Patronage card

  • How long is my patronage card valid for?
    Your patronage card - that is, your Rega patronage - always takes effect from the date of payment and is valid for the current calendar year. In the event of patronage not being renewed, it ceases to be valid on 15 May of the following year.



Amendments to your patronage data

  • The master data sheet that Rega has sent me is incorrect. What should I do?
    The master data sheet shows all your personal data that is stored in our records. If something is not correct – for example, if in the meantime you have moved – there is no need to worry. Your Rega patronage is still valid. However, we do ask you to inform us of any necessary amendments so that we can keep our database up to date. To do so, please use the online form “Amend your patronage details" , on our website. Here you can log in with your patronage number and PIN code – both of which can be found on the master data sheet – and inform us of any changes.


  • What can Rega’s new patronage administration system do and why is it better than the old system?
    In 2015, Rega completely modernised its data management system in order to be better able to serve its patrons in an increasingly complex social environment. The amended processes and data structures now allow the details of all those covered by a single patronage to be recorded; at the end of 2015, a total of 3,283,000 patrons were entered on the computer system. Until then, Rega had had no details about each individual person, but only about the number of Individual, Family and One-Parent patronages. However, this number did not include, for example, partners or minors listed under a Family patronage. While previously only one card could be issued per Family patronage, now all the family members officially registered under a single patronage receive their own personal Rega patronage card.




  • I paid my patronage contribution just last summer and now, at the beginning of this year, I have already received another invoice. Is this correct?
    Yes. A payment made during the year - irrelevant of the date - is always regarded as the patronage contribution for the current calendar year. Invoices sent out at the beginning of the year are for the renewal of Rega patronage for that year. We are aware that patrons who pay their contributions towards the end of the calendar year do not profit from a full patronage year. However, here, too, we show a certain degree of flexibility; payment made after 1 November also counts as the patronage contribution for the following year, and is valid until 15 May of the year after that (coverage approx. 1 1/2 years).




  • Why does Rega needs donors as well as patrons?
    With its air-rescue operations, Rega performs a public service in Switzerland without receiving any financial assistance from the State. As a result, Rega is totally dependent on the support of its patrons. However, in order to be able to guarantee swift, uncomplicated assistance by air on a long-term basis, Rega also needs people who demonstrate their solidarity by making donations, legacies or bequests.


  • Is it safe to make donations online?
    Yes. Online donations made via our website are subjected to the highest of security standards. Moreover, the data transmitted is governed by stringent data protection regulations.


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