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  • Is it possible to include my dog in our Family patronage, like farmers do with their cattle?
    No, Rega's purpose is to come to the aid of people in distress and in need of emergency assistance. As a result, it operates with top-quality equipment and a highly-trained crew, including an emergency physician. A Rega mission is thus fundamentally geared towards people. There are other organisations that are responsible for the rescue of animals (with the exception of farm animals in alpine regions).


  • Are horses included in the Family patronage for farmers, in the same way as cattle?
    As is set out in our Conditions of Patronage, Rega organises animal transport solely for cattle - whether they are injured, ill or dead. Rega, the Schweizer Berghilfe organisation and the relevant insurance companies are responsible for organising and performing helicopter transports on behalf of Alpine farmers provided that no other means of transport can be used. In the vast majority of cases, such operations are not carried out by Rega, but rather by commercial helicopter transport firms.


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