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  • Does Rega patronage count as an insurance?
    No. Rega is a privately run, non-profit organisation that depends on voluntary funding. Patronage contributions are deemed to be donations. In grateful acknowledgement of patrons' support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive or reduce the costs of any emergency services that it has provided or organised on their behalf, in the event that insurance companies or any other third party are not liable to pay and thus not required to reimburse the costs of the rescue operation, whether wholly or in part.


  • Is it possible to call up the details relating to my patronage via the Internet, and even make any necessary amendments?
    Yes, it is possible to call up your own patronage details on the Internet. All Rega patrons are sent a personal PIN code with the invitation to renew their patronage. In order to call up your personal data, you will need to enter your patronage number and this PIN code.

    The personal data relating to your Rega patronage is just a mouse click away ( However, you cannot amend this data yourself. Amendments can be made by completing the web form that appears immediately after you have viewed your patronage data or by calling our patrons' hotline on 0844 834 844.


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