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Legacies and bequests

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For Rega, legacies and bequests have played a major role since it commenced operations in 1952. They are not only important for our independent funding, but are also a valuable expression of confidence. We are proud and thankful that our work is held in such great regard.

A will - or a testamentary contract - allows you to regulate and clarify the most important issues relating to your estate while you are still alive. It ensures that after your death your last wishes are respected, and also gives your survivors the certainty that they are acting in your spirit. Quite independent of your financial situation, you can stipulate within the framework of the law exactly what should happen to your estate on your death.

Are you aware of how your estate will be distributed after your death?

Bilan immédiat

With the instant inheritance check, you can find out within a matter of minutes how your estate will be disposed of after your death, both with and without a will. You can also discover the size of the so-called "freely disposable Portion" if you draw up a will. You are free to leave this amount to whomever you wish without infringing Swiss inheritance law – and thus name other relatives, friends or non-profit organisations as additional beneficiaries.
Instant inheritance check

Guide on making testamentary gifts

We would be pleased to send you our guide on making testamentary gifts (in German, French or Italian), which gives you an overview of all the various options available under the current Swiss matrimonial property and inheritance laws.
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Susanne FreySusanne Frey, Donations and Bequests
Phone +41 44 654 33 05, fax +41 44 654 32 88
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