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Swiss Air-Ambulance

On of our Challenger CL-604 ambulance jets up in the air

As one of the world's pioneers in aeromedical evacuation, Swiss Air-Ambulance has a long tradition in dealing with medical emergencies across the globe.

Around-the-clock availability

Swiss Air-Ambulance's professional Operations Centre is on call 24 hours a day. Thanks to our three ambulance jets, together with our own pilots and medical crews, we are able to guarantee a full-time service.

Worldwide medical evacuations

Swiss Air-Ambulance can organise and execute medical evacuations and medically escorted repatriations from virtually any country in the world.


Highest standard
of quality

Swiss Air-Ambulance operates three fully dedicated, long-range ambulance-jets. They are used exclusively for ambulance flights and are fitted out as intensive-care units, guaranteeing top-quality medical assistance. 

Reliable medical staff and equipment

Our medical teams consist of experienced doctors and intensive-care nurses. They work on a full-time basis and are trained in aviation and transport medicine.

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