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Our fleet: Challenger 650

Swiss Air-Ambulance's fleet in front of hangar

Our three ambulance jets Challenger CL-604 from Bombardier are replaced in 2018 by the successor model, the Challenger 650. It features a specially designed, multifunctional stretcher and a lighter, better soundproofed cabin. State-of-the-art avionics in the cockpit allow the Rega pilots to select time- and fuel-saving flight routes.

Our ambulance jets are used exclusively for ambulance flights and are fitted out as intensive-care units.

Technical data of the Challenger 650

Wing span 19.61 m
Length 20.86 m
Height 6.40 m
Max. take-off weight 21,863 kg
Max. range 6,500 km / 3,500 nm
Max. flying speed 850 km/h / 528 mph
Stretcher patient capacity 4
Fully air-conditioned on ground
Complies with all legal requirements worldwide (RVSM, MNPS, TAWS, etc.)

Cabin layout

Illustration of the interior of the Challenger CL-604: Two intensive-care patients can be transported in the cabin of the ambulance jet. If required, there is also room for two more patients lying down. In addition, the jet accommodates 4–6 seats, a galley, a toilet and a small area for stowing luggage.

Thanks to its various cabin configuration options, our Challenger 650 can transport up to four patients lying down. Two intensive-care units guarantee top-quality medical care. Depending on your needs and our possibilities, two business seats (patient's bed 3 on the diagram), as well as the crew rest (patient's bed 4), can be transformed into two additional stretcher areas.

Have a look inside!

Challenger 650: intensive-care units Challenger 650: business seats Challenger 650: crew rest and cockpit

Cabin comparison - Challenger 650 (left) vs. Learjet 35

Cabin comparison - Challenger CL-604 vs. Learjet 35 Click to enlarge

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