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State-of-the-art medical equipment

Flight nurse at work

Swiss Air-Ambulance specialises in worldwide medical evacuation, operating out of the very heart of Europe. The standard medical equipment carried on board a SAA jet guarantees top-quality medical assistance throughout the flight with its two intensive-care units.

2 Mobile ICU Respirators Hamilton T1 Hamilton Medical A
ECG monitor, defibrillator, external pacemaker, intravasal BP, NIBP, capnometer, SaO2 Propaq MD / Zoll X Series ZOLL A
Transport monitor (ECG, NIBP, SaO2) Propaq LT Welch Allyn A
Arterial blood gases, Hct and electrolytes i-STAT Abbott A
Syringe pump Perfusor® Space B. Braun A
Blood glucose analyser Ascensia CONTOUR Bayer A
Sucction unit LCSU 3 Laerdal A
Ultrasound system NanoMaxx SonoSite R
Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump AutoPulse ZOLL R
Fiberoptic Intubation System with Monitor Ambu aScope 3 Ambu R
Fiberoptic Monitor Ambu aView Ambu R
Infusomat Space S B. Braun A
Integrated cuff pressure controller IntelliCuff® Hamilton Medical A

Status (*): A =  on all flights, R = upon request

Additional standard equipment
Vacuum mattresses Cervical spine immobilisation collars
Intubation sets Wide selection of drugs and infusions
Scoop stretchers Surgical kits for minor interventions
Surgical dressings Catheters, etc.
Thoracic drainage sets  

Special missions

The large cabin of the Challenger 650 allows to transport seriously ill patients in need of additional high-tech equipment. A large range of devices have already been tested on board and can be used safely: ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation), ICU-Incubator, Impella®, Ventricular Assist Devices, Hemofiltration etc.

Additional equipment upon request
PIU (Patient Isolation Unit) Impella® heart pump
ECMO (Sorin Lifebox; Maquet Cardio Help) ICU-Incubator
IABP (Intra-aortic balloon pump) Transvenous pacemaker
Hemofiltration Traction splints
Crutchfield extension Paediatric sets
Certified child's seats Burn packs
Plaster splitting device  
Tracheostomy sets  

For devices not yet tested, a special procedure has been established in order to allow inflight use. Please contact the Operations Centre for further information.

Challenger 650
Loading/Unloading Foldable ramp**
Oxygen 13,000 litres plus 3 x 900 litres in transportable oxygen cylinders

Foldable ramp (**)

Swiss Air-Ambulance crew unfolding built-in ramp

In order to load a stretcher patient horizontally into the Challenger, our jets are equipped with a built-in ramp made of carbon and kevlar fibres. A custom construction by Swiss Air-Ambulance, the ramp is slightly over 5 metres in length, weighs 38 kg, has a gradient of 19% and can be unfolded within a matter of minutes.

Patient being loaded horizontally into ambulance jet

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