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Medical services tailored to your needs

Patient being loaded into ambulance jet

As one of the world's pioneers in aeromedical evacuation, Swiss Air-Ambulance has a long tradition in dealing with medical emergencies across the globe. Its comprehensive concept of In-Travel Emergency Management (ITEM) is based on two services: aeromedical evacuation/repatriation and medical counselling. Both services are available 24 hours a day.

We specialise in:

  • Medical repatriations on board SAA ambulance jets

    Medical evacuations worldwideSwiss Air-Ambulance can organise and execute medical evacuations and medically escorted repatriations from virtually any country in the world. Our three Challenger 650 jets are used exclusively for ambulance flights and fitted out as intensive-care units. 
  • Medical evacuations on board scheduled aircraft

    Medical evacuation on board scheduled aircraftIf the patient’s medical condition so allows, Swiss Air-Ambulance will arrange for him or her to be evacuated on the most suitable direct scheduled flight, escorted by SAA medical staff. It also takes care of all the necessary arrangements (reservations, tickets, stretchers, oxygen, etc.).

    This service is available for the domestic market only.
  • Medical counselling

    Medical coordinator at workSwiss Air-Ambulance also gives assistance to international travellers whose medical problem can be dealt with locally. Our over 40 years of experience in in-travel emergency management is helpful when it comes to counselling travellers in distress. Addresses of nearby clinics, qualified doctors and air-ambulances can be very useful. Swiss Air-Ambulance doctors may also be contacted to give second opinions on specific clinical conditions and therapeutical procedures.
  • Bed-to-bed transport

    Patient being loaded into ambulance jetSwiss Air-Ambulance provides a highly professional bedside-to-bedside medical transport. A detailed preflight medical consultation with the patient's attending physician guarantees optimal preparation for the flight.
  • Domestic transports by helicopter

    Rega helicopter landing next to ambulance jetWe can also arrange helicopter transports to and from the ambulance jets.
  • Organisation of ambulances on the ground

    Ground ambulance standing next to ambulance jetIn addition to air transport, Swiss Air-Ambulance can provide ground ambulances.
  • Transport flights

    Incubator being loaded into ambulance jetSwiss Air-Ambulance is an ideal partner when it comes to transporting incubators, transplantation teams, organs, medicaments, antidotes, etc.

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