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RegaCLUB is here!

Puzzles, painting, handicrafts and experiencing Rega.


RegaCLUB is a fan club for our youngest patrons. In RegaCLUB we offer children up to the age of 12 exciting age-appropriate insight into the world of air rescue services.

This is what awaits our youngest fans in RegaCLUB:

Fun and games

Puzzles and games from the world of Rega. The lucky ones among our RegaCLUB members can win great prizes in our competitions.



We offer RegaCLUB members the opportunity to experience Rega close up. Our events provide the opportunity to get to know the Rega crews personally and see our Rega helicopters and air ambulances.



We have compiled great craft ideas and prepared pictures to colour in.  



Thanks to our exciting articles and videos, there is lots to learn about Rega. 


Experience Rega in action

Pictures of the rescue helicopters and ambulance jets, as well as videos of missions, bring the Rega world to life.


RegaCLUB magazine

We send out the RegaCLUB magazine as a supplement to the 1414 magazine. It’s full of exciting articles, games and puzzles and a whole lot more.


Children under 12 who are Rega patrons are automatically RegaCLUB members and can thus benefit from additional exclusive activities.

To the RegaCLUB (in German)

Questions and answers on the subject of RegaCLUB

Select the subject area for answers to frequently asked questions and further information.

  • RegaCLUB membership is linked to Rega patronage. If your child is already a Rega patron, then they are automatically a RegaCLUB member.

    Rega patronage is free for children and teenagers up to their 18th birthday. This means that Rega can waive the costs of a rescue mission if no insurance company has to pay for the services. The detailed Conditions can be found here.

    If your child is not yet a Rega patron, you can sign up free of charge here.

  • RegaCLUB is for children who want to solve puzzles, paint and do crafts, or simply learn something new.

    Children under 12 who are Rega patrons are automatically RegaCLUB members and can enjoy the club’s exclusive activities. Only Rega patrons can be RegaCLUB members. Rega patronage is free of charge for children and teenagers.