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Rega – Swiss Air-Rescue, to home page
Beschriftung auf dem Rega-Helikopter

Rega in brief

You can find the key facts and figures relating to Rega here.

Facts and figures

  • 16273

    Missions in 2020

  • 13253

    Missions by helicopter

  • 770

    Missions by ambulance jet

  • 2250

    Other missions (*)

(*): Transports by ambulance, missions on behalf of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), Speleo-Secours, Redog etc.



Patrons enable Rega to ensure air rescue for the benefit of the Swiss population.


Employees dedicate themselves with passion, commitment and qualification to our patients, our patrons and our organisation (**)

(**): No. of full-time equivalent employees at the end of December


Helicopter bases are located throughout the country so that Rega crews can reach any location in Switzerland, with the exception of the canton of Valais, within 15 minutes by air.

Mission statement

We provide an around-the-clock service offering swift, expert assistance by air. In particular, we transport medical care to the casualty and help in emergency situations. This assistance also takes the form of medical advice and the use of our infrastructure. Our operations are characterised by our highly qualified, professional members of staff and the very best equipment available in the fields of rescue, medical and flight technology.

We are a non-profit organisation that is funded by its patrons. Our services are primarily geared towards the needs of the Swiss population. We are financed by means of private funding. This enables us to operate independently in the service of our patients. In the interest of the patient, we take an active stand against the commercialisation of air rescue. Emergency missions and other operations carried out on behalf of the general public are not   conditional upon whether or not the ensuing costs are covered. Our rescue activities are based on the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross.

Thanks to their annual contributions, our patrons enable us to build up and operate a suitable infrastructure to perform air-rescue operations on behalf of the Swiss population. The services rendered by Rega to its patrons are not of a contractual nature and are therefore not deemed to be insurance benefits.

We are fully aware of the importance of working in close collaboration with our partner organisations, and actively foster a successful working relationship with them. We act as a fair and reliable partner. We focus our activities on the fields of air rescue, air-ambulance repatriation services and medical advice. In order to maintain and further improve the top level of expertise of our medical staff, we also perform medically indicated flights on behalf of international clients.

Our members of staff play a decisive role in fulfilling our purpose. The following factors are of particular importance in this respect: personal identification with the organisation and its purpose;
independence and responsibility; willingness to perform, flexibility and motivation. We aim to achieve this by means of: on-going training appropriate to the various hierarchical levels; progressive working conditions; appropriate salaries and attractive social benefits. We foster a style of behaviour among our staff that is open, cooperative and characterised by mutual respect.

We strive to provide around-the-clock services of first-class quality and safety, as well as to cultivate a conscious, structured manner of dealing with risks. Our organisational structures are characterised by a clear-cut delineation of tasks, competences and responsibilities. These are implemented and respected at all hierarchical levels, from ordinary employees right up to the members of the Foundation Board. We act and communicate in an open and transparent way, both within our organisation and towards the outside. We are conscious of a potential conflict between performing our work and protecting the environment, and take this into account in everything we do.

A brief history of Rega

From the daring pilots of the founding years through to the professional air rescue organisation of today: our video takes you on a journey through the history of Swiss Air-Rescue and shows the development of the Rega fleet from the first helicopters right through to the latest addition, the new Challenger 650 ambulance jet.

[Translate to English:] Die Geschichte der Rega

The beginnings of air-rescue

The operational possibilities open up

Breakthrough of helicopter rescue in high mountains

Air-rescue is professionalised

The Rega-Center at Zurich Airport is being built

Large-scale operations as a challenge and gain in experience

Rega's vision of rescuing in all weathers

Operating with highly modern equipment