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There for you, thanks to patrons.

There for everyone.

There – when every minute matters.

There – wherever it happens.

There – to save your life.

No patrons, no Rega

Become a patron now and support Rega as a non-profit foundation. If you require emergency medical assistance from the air, as a token of thanks for your support, Rega can waive all or part of the mission costs provided that they are not covered by your health or other insurance policy.

It is only thanks to your support that we can maintain the high quality of our emergency services around the clock and come to the aid of people in distress – including you.

Your benefits as a Rega patron at a click.

On payment of the patronage contribution as of 1 January 2023, the patronage remains valid until 15 May 2024. Many thanks for your support.

Small contribution with a big impact

The patrons keep Rega in the air with their annual contributions. Rega is much more than you might think. Watch the video to see what we can do in Switzerland thanks to the support of our patrons.


Rega: TV spot 2020

There for you, thanks to patrons.

No patrons, no Rega. Every year, Rega comes to the aid of more than 11,000 people in distress. Whether in Switzerland or abroad – in an emergency, Rega helps wherever it is needed.

Questions and answers on the subject of Patronage and donations

Select the subject area for answers to frequently asked questions and further information.

  • Each adult person must register separately for a patronage (CHF 40.–). Each child should also be registered as a patron; their patronage is, however, free of charge. All the relevant documents will be sent together to you at the address you have provided.

  • After a rescue mission or during a repatriation operation, Rega checks whether the patient is a Rega patron. This is one reason why this data is recorded. In addition, Rega uses the patronage data to provide age-appropriate information about its activities.

  • With its air-rescue operations, Rega performs a public service in Switzerland without receiving any financial assistance from the State. As a result, Rega is totally dependent on the support of its patrons. However, in order to be able to guarantee swift, uncomplicated assistance by air on a long-term basis, Rega also needs people who demonstrate their solidarity by making donations, legacies or bequests.

  • Your patronage takes effect on the date of payment and if it is not renewed expires on 15 May of the following year. The payment date has no impact on the length of time the patronage is valid.

  • New patrons can pay by credit card via the website (see under “Become a patron”). Existing Rega patrons will receive an invoice with a QR code so that they can pay online (by credit card, etc.).

  • Your Rega patronage for the current year remains valid until 15 May of the year after. Paying-in slips to renew patronage are always sent out in January and February.

  • Calls to phone number 0844 834 844 are charged at a rate of 7.5 cents/min. (plus VAT), regardless of where in Switzerland you are calling from. If you call +41 44 654 32 22 from abroad, the rates in the country concerned apply

  • All the patronage documents will be sent to the person who has paid the invoice – therefore this person also receives all of the patronage cards. The only exception is the first time a patronage card is sent to a new patron, provided that this has been explicitly requested during online registration by placing a cross in the corresponding box.

  • The data for the new invoices is prepared in December each year. Due to the large number of patrons, the printing and dispatch of these documents can take up to three months.

  • Please enter your new address in the online form, «Amend adress». 

  • The patronage data sheet shows all your personal data that is stored in our records. If something is not correct – for example, if in the meantime you have changed your address – you don’t need to worry. Your Rega patronage is not affected in any way. However, we do ask you to notify us of any necessary amendments so that we can keep our database fully up to date. To do so, please use the online form on our website.

  • Your patronage card - that is, your Rega patronage - always takes effect from the date of payment and is valid for the current calendar year. In the event of patronage not being renewed, it ceases to be valid on 15 May of the following year.

  • No. The question as to whether a person is a Rega patron or not only arises after the rescue mission has been carried out, when determining who is responsible for paying the costs.

  • The patronage card – that is, Rega patronage – always takes effect on the date of payment and is valid for the current calendar year. If the patronage is not renewed, it expires on 15 May of the following year.

  • No, Rega's purpose is to come to the aid of people in distress and in need of emergency assistance. As a result, it operates with top-quality equipment and a highly-trained crew, including an emergency physician. A Rega mission is thus fundamentally geared towards people. There are other organisations that are responsible for the rescue of animals (with the exception of livestock in alpine regions).

  • Rega patronage also covers livestock provided that the owner is a natural person and a Rega patron.

  • You need to register a patronage for each member of the family: for each adult a patronage for CHF 40.–  and for each child under the age of 18 a free patronage.

  • Even if the children do not live with their parents, the parents can continue to pay their patronage contributions. In such a cases, the parents should give the children’s address.

  • No, the patronage will automatically be changed into an adult patronage, for which an annual contribution is payable. When they turn 18, young persons can decide for themselves if they want to remain a Rega patron and pay the contribution themselves.

  • No, a Rega patronage is personal. However, Rega does support sports activities carried out by children and young people within the framework of the sports promotion programme, Jugend+Sport (J+S), operated by the Federal Office for Sport (BASPO). Anyone taking part in a J+S camp in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein who is of J+S age is deemed to be a Rega patron for the duration of the camp. Participants must, however, be registered in the sports database before the start of the event.

  • No. In this case, repatriation costs do not form an integral part of patronage benefits. The entire scope of benefits only applies to patrons domiciled in Switzerland or to Swiss patrons living abroad.

  • Yes, every single contribution is invaluable in helping us to operate competent, professional air-rescue services both at home and abroad. The entire scope of benefits offered within the framework of a valid Rega patronage are valid for patrons domiciled in Switzerland and Swiss patrons living abroad.

  • As a rescue organisation, Rega is only able to place its limited resources and infrastructure at the disposal of a predefined group of people. An insurance company, on the other hand, is obliged to provide all the benefits stipulated in full. Rega patrons who are resident abroad are not required to pay the cost of rescue flights within Switzerland (transport to the nearest hospital).

  • Your friend can become a Rega patron at any time. If he is a patron and is in Switzerland, he enjoys all the benefits granted to patrons relating to air rescue in Switzerland (i.e. within the Swiss national borders). Benefits relating to repatriation flights from abroad are only granted to patrons who are permanently domiciled in Switzerland (irrelevant of their nationality) and to Swiss nationals living abroad. Repatriation flights to locations outside Switzerland are possible, but incur costs that Rega is not able to cover itself.

  • Yes, you can contact our Patronage Centre and provide us with the personal details of the person to whom you are gifting the patronage. The patronage documents will then be sent directly to you or the person concerned in the form of a gift.

    Rega patronage as a gift

  • You can pay the patronage contribution for whomever you like, irrelevant of whether they live at the same address as you or not.

  • No. A life patronage is not possible.

  • In grateful acknowledgement of patrons' support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive or reduce the costs of any emergency services that it has provided or organised on their behalf, in the event that insurance companies or any other third party are not liable to pay and thus not required to reimburse the costs of the rescue operation, whether wholly or in part.

  • Yes, Rega patronage is also valid for missions performed in Valais by the local rescue organisations. The Conditions of Patronage are the same as for the rest of the country.

  • No. Only SAC Youth Members under the age of 22 years are automatically Rega patrons, too.

  • Children and young people can register for a free patronage up to their 18th birthday. Young people aged 18 or over are deemed to be adults and therefore should register for an adult patronage (CHF 40.–).

  • No, it is not possible to retrieve the data via the Internet. However, changes to the data can be sent to us via online form or submitted by contacting our Patronage Center at 0844 834 844.

  • No. For the tax authorities, it is sufficient to send a copy of your contribution payment (a copy of your online payment is also acceptable).

  • No. Rega is a privately run, non-profit organisation that depends on voluntary funding. Patronage contributions are deemed to be donations. In grateful acknowledgement of patrons' support, Rega can, at its own discretion and within the bounds of its resources, waive or reduce the costs of any emergency services that it has provided or organised on their behalf, in the event that insurance companies or any other third party are not liable to pay and thus not required to reimburse the costs of the rescue operation, whether wholly or in part.