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Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, to home page

At your service throughout Switzerland

Around the clock, 365 days a year, throughout the country: our crews are standing by, ready to swiftly bring medical assistance to people in an emergency.

Our helicopter bases

In Switzerland, Rega operates 14 helicopter bases. Since August 2019, it also has a training base in Grenchen, in Canton Solothurn. Our helicopter bases are distributed throughout the country in such a way that we can fly to any location within Rega’s operational area within 15 minutes. The three ambulance jets are stationed at the Rega Center, our headquarters at Zurich Airport, from where they take off on missions to all corners of the globe.


Rega Center
PO Box 1414
8058 Zurich Airport
Tel.: +41 44 654 33 11

More about the Rega Center


Rega Zürich
Überlandstrasse 299
8600 Dübendorf

PDF: Visit Rega's Zurich base

More about the Zurich base


Rega Basel
4030 Basel

Note: Visiting Rega's Basel base is not possible until further notice.

More about the Basel base


Rega Bern
Flugplatzstrasse 1
3123 Belp

PDF: Visit Rega's Berne base

More about the Berne base


Rega Lausanne
Route de Romanel 33
1018 Lausanne

PDF: Visit Rega's Lausanne base

More about the Lausanne base


Rega Untervaz
Polenlöserweg 30a
7204 Untervaz

PDF: Visit Rega's Untervaz base

More about the Untervaz base


Rega Locarno
Via Aeroporto 15
6596 Gordola

PDF: Visit Rega's Locarno base

More about the Locarno base


Rega St. Gallen
Wehrstrasse 8
9015 St. Gallen

PDF: Visit Rega's St. Gallen base

More about the St. Gallen base


Rega Erstfeld
Reussstrasse 40
6472 Erstfeld

PDF: Visit Rega's Erstfeld base

More about the Erstfeld base


Rega Samedan
Plazza Aviatica 6
7503 Samedan

PDF: Visit Rega's Samedan base

More about the Samedan base


Rega Wilderswil
Bönigstrasse 17
3812 Wilderswil

PDF: Visit Rega's Wilderswil base

More about the Wilderswil base


Rega Mollis
8753 Mollis

Note: Visiting Rega's Mollis base is not possible until further notice.

More about the Mollis base


Rega Zweisimmen
Lischerengasse 5
3770 Zweisimmen

PDF: Visit Rega's Zweisimmen base

More about the Zweisimmen base


Rega 15
Route Henry-Claudius-Forestier 32
1217 Meyrin

More about the base in Geneva


c/o Héli-Alpes SA
Aéroport Civil
1950 Sion

More about the Sion base


Airport Grenchen
Flughafenstrasse 117
2540 Grenchen

More about the training base in Grenchen

Rega's Operations Center

The Operations Center is the heart of Rega. Here the flight coordinators answer emergency calls around the clock and coordinate more than 21,000 missions every year, both at home and abroad. The flight coordinators have an overview at all times of the available rescue resources throughout Switzerland and support the crews during the missions. They also arrange for patients to be repatriated from abroad in close collaboration with the various crew members, airlines and insurance companies.

Available around the clock

For rescues within Switzerland, our flight coordinators can be contacted by calling Rega’s emergency number 1414. They are responsible for coordinating all the rescue resources of Rega and its partner organisations (e.g. Swiss Alpine Rescue or commercial helicopter firms) and ensure constant communication with the crews during the mission. To do this they use an integrated dispatch system, which unites technical aids such as a geographical information system, accurate and up-to-date meteorological data, a state-of-the-art communication system and the interface to the Rega emergency app.

Our flight coordinators handle calls that come in around the clock via Rega’s emergency number +41 333 333 333 from people suffering from health problems abroad. Whether a repatriation on board one of our ambulance jets or an escorted flight on a scheduled airline, our flight coordinators plan and coordinate all the missions from abroad and are in contact with official authorities, hospitals and airports all over the world. They are supported by a team of medical consultants, who provide the patients abroad with medical advice over the phone and, in close consultation with the local doctors in attendance, decide whether, when and in what form repatriation is indicated.

Rega Center – Rega’s headquarters at Zurich Airport

Rega's headquarters is situated to the north-east of Zurich-Kloten Airport and has direct access to the runways. The building houses a hangar for the three ambulance jets, a maintenance works for the helicopters and jets, the Operations Center, recreation rooms for the flight crew on stand-by duty, administrative offices, training and lecture rooms, a cafeteria for the approximately 270 employees based here, and a large materials store.

Radio network and emergency radio channel

Rega operates its own nationwide radio network of 42 stations to enable its flight coordinators to support the helicopters crews during the rescue missions. This also includes an emergency  channel, which is monitored by the Operations Centre and can  be used by anyone to raise the alarm in an emergency.

More about the emergency radio