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Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, to home page

Our organisation

"Rega's purpose is to help people in distress and in need of assistance in accordance with the principles of the Red Cross, without discrimination on grounds of person, financial circumstances, social status, nationality, race, religious beliefs, or political opinions."

Article 2, Rega Foundation Regulations dated 2005

Non-profit foundation

Rega takes the form of an autonomous, privately run, non-profit foundation. With its 3,600,000 patrons, it is firmly rooted within the Swiss population. Rega operates independently of political interests and receives no subsidies from the State. The objectives and guiding principles relating to its activities are laid down it its Foundation Deed.


Foundation Board

Rega’s supreme organ is the Foundation Board, which lays down Rega’s strategy. The activities of the Foundation Board are determined by the Executive Committee. The members of the Medical Commission and the Finance Commission assist the Foundation Board with their specialist knowledge. The Advisory Committee comprises representatives of the various partner organisations and acts in an advisory capacity.

Patrizia Pesenti

Executive Committee, Zollikon


Paul Hälg

Executive Committee, Wollerau


Josef Meier

Executive Committee, Wettingen


Heidi Hanselmann

Foundation Board, Walenstadt


Thomas P. Emmerich

Foundation Board, Riehen


Gabriele Casso

Foundation Board, Sorengo


Adrian Amstutz

Foundation Board, Schwanden


Franz Stämpfli

Foundation Board, Innertkirchen


Richard Brogle

Foundation Board, Kilchberg


Thomas Holderegger

Foundation Board, Waldstatt


Markus Furrer

Foundation Board, Felsberg


Petra Gössi

Foundation Board, Küssnacht am Rigi


Thomas von Wyl

Foundation Board, Unterseen


Michael Hobmeier, Bäch, Chairman
Christian Kern, Geneva
Patrizia Pesenti, Zollikon
​​​​​​​Paul Hälg, Wollerau
Josef Meier, Wettingen

Christian Kern, Prof. Dr. med., CHUV Lausanne, Chairman
Gabriele Casso, Prof. Dr. med., Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino 
Markus Furrer, Prof. Dr. med., Grisons cantonal hospital
Thomas von Wyl, Dr. med., Interlaken hospital

Josef Meier, Wettingen, Chairman
Michael Hobmeier, Bäch
Paul Hälg, Wollerau


Franz Stämpfli, member Rega Foundation Board, Chairman
Thomas P. Emmerich, member Rega Foundation Board
Stefan Goerre, Dr. med., Swiss Alpine Rescue representative
Stephan Zeller, representative, Canton Valais
Andy Scheurer, representative, Speleo-Secours
Markus Denzler, representative, police commanders
Marc Ziegler, representative, Swiss Cable Cars Association
Sibylle Frey, representative, Swiss Air Force
Roman Burkart, representative, Medical Emergency Call Center 144
Renato Belloli, representative, Swiss Helicopter Association (SHA)
Daniel Weisskopf, representative, Swiss Fire Brigade Coordination (FKS)   

Management Board

The Management Board is charged with the day-to-day management of the organisation. It implements Rega’s strategy and determines the measures that are necessary to meets its objectives. The members of the Management Board lay down the organisational structure and ensure that the legal provisions are complied with.


Ernst Kohler

Chairman of the Management Board


PD Dr. med. Roland Albrecht

Medical Director
Member of the Management Board


Andreas Lüthi

Chief Financial Officer
Member of the Management Board


Daniel Landert

Head of Jet Operations
Member of the Management Board


Heinz Leibundgut

Head of Helicopter Procedures and Training
Member of the Management Board


David Müller

Head of Communication and Patronage
Member of the Management Board


Philipp Simmen

Head of Helicopter Operations
Member of the Management Board

Our employees

Find out more about our crews in operation, as well as about all the people who pull the strings in the background and who play an equally important role in enabling us to carry out our daily work.

Active involvement and partnerships

Medical assistance by air requires the utmost diligence and professionalism. Values such as competence and solidarity, as well as concern for the welfare of other people, are at the centre of everything we do.

Thanks to the support of our patrons, we are able to provide our services to people in distress and to the Swiss population around the clock. Our values and actions, as well as our deeply-rooted support among the general public, are based on the principle of solidarity. In order to give something back, in particular to young people, we support various youth activities in collaboration with our partners. We also actively promote Switzerland as a location and the fascination of flying.

Promotion of sport for young people

Those taking part in official Jugend+Sport sport camps for children and young people are deemed to be Rega patrons for the duration of the event. This means that any rescue missions carried out on behalf of registered J+S participants will be handled financially in the same way as with regular patrons.

As a J+S coach or leader, you can register participants with Rega solely via the J+S website, Nationale Datenbank Sport (NDS), and ONLY before the event begin.


Pro Juventute

Within the framework of its "Rega – for you" youth programme, Rega supports activities published on the Pro Juventute Feriennet. For almost 40 years, Pro Juventute has been organising or supporting supervised holiday activities for children and young people. In order to further promote this idea, since 2010 Pro Juventute has given organisers the opportunity to offer numerous holiday passes all over Switzerland via its “Feriennet” booking platform. Participants who have booked a holiday pass activity and have registered with Rega are deemed to be Rega patrons for the duration of the activity. This means that any rescue missions performed on behalf of a person participating in a holiday pass activity will be handled financially in the same way as for regular Rega patrons.


First aid in schools

Rega and Samariter Schweiz have launched the programme, "Retten ist KLASSE – Erste Hilfe an Schulen". The programme, which is available in German, French and Italian, is free of charge and is aimed both at teachers and at schoolchildren aged 12 and over. Its objective is to raise awareness among schoolchildren of the subject of first aid, to teach them basic first aid and to motivate them to take action. The programme comprises an eBook and three teaching units lasting around 45 minutes each.

Swiss Red Cross (SRC)

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) was founded in 1866 in Berne and is the national Red Cross society of Switzerland. The SRC comprises 24 cantonal associations along with four rescue organisations, two institutions and the SRC headquarters. Rega is a partner organisation of the SRC.

Mammut – Clothing for the helicopter crews

Mammut is the official clothing supplier for the Rega helicopter crews and has worked closely with the Rega rescue teams to develop and manufacture their new working gear. In mountain rescue – just as in alpine sports – top performance in the most arduous of conditions is only possible thanks to top-quality clothing with optimal functionality.

For our patrons, the Rega Shop regularly offers attractive products from the Mammut range.


Verkehrshaus Luzern – Technical advances in air rescue

The Swiss Museum of Transport and Rega enjoy a long-standing partnership, which is continued in the new, interactive exhibition, "Medical Air Rescue". The exhibition, which covers an area of 300 square metres, focuses on the fascination with Rega. Experience at close quarters "Rega 8" taking off, guide a rescue helicopter in to land in the downwash simulator, and take a look around the Operations Centre, the heart of Rega.

The Museum of Transport and Rega look forward to your visit.

Oris – aviation on the wrist

The Swiss watch manufacturer, domiciled in Hölstein, Canton Basel-Landschaft, specialises in the production of mechanical watches under the Oris brand and shares the values upheld by Rega. Since 2016, together with the firm’s over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of innovative pilot’s watches, this has led to a cooperation between the two companies with the aim of expressing the fascination of flying in an authentic way in a watch. In recognition of Rega’s services to air rescue in Switzerland, Oris is now dedicating a third watch to Rega in a limited edition.


Zurich Airport – Insights into the world of aviation

Experience at close quarters the fascination of flying. Observation decks B and E at Zurich Airport provide exciting insights into airport activities and will keep visitors of all ages entertained. With a little luck, you might even see one of Rega’s three ambulance jets taking off or landing.


As we are financed by patronage, we are generally not active in sponsoring activities.