Rega – Swiss Air-Rescue

Our organisation

"Rega's purpose is to help people in distress and in need of assistance in accordance with the principles of the Red Cross, without discrimination on grounds of person, financial circumstances, social status, nationality, race, religious beliefs, or political opinions."

Article 2, Rega Foundation Regulations dated 2005

Non-profit foundation

Rega takes the form of an autonomous, privately run, non-profit foundation. With its 3,483,000 patrons, it is firmly rooted within the Swiss population. Rega operates independently of political interests and receives no subsidies from the State. The objectives and guiding principles relating to its activities are laid down it its Foundation Deed.


Foundation Board

Rega’s supreme organ is the Foundation Board, which lays down Rega’s strategy. The activities of the Foundation Board are determined by the Executive Committee. The members of the Medical Commission and the Finance Commission assist the Foundation Board with their specialist knowledge. The Advisory Committee comprises representatives of the various partner organisations and acts in an advisory capacity.


Patrizia Pesenti

Executive Committee, Zollikon


Gabi Huber

Executive Committee, Altdorf


Josef Meier

Executive Committee, Wettingen


Heidi Hanselmann

Foundation Board, Walenstadt


Thomas P. Emmerich

Foundation Board, Riehen


Marco Maggiorini

Foundation Board, Schindellegi


Adrian Amstutz

Foundation Board, Sigriswil


Franz Stämpfli

Foundation Board, Innertkirchen


Gerold Biner

Foundation Board, Zermatt


Thomas Holderegger

Foundation Board, Waldstatt


Markus Furrer

Foundation Board, Felsberg


Paul Hälg

Foundation Board, Wollerau


Management Board

The Management Board is charged with the day-to-day management of the organisation. It implements Rega’s strategy and determines the measures that are necessary to meets its objectives. The members of the Management Board lay down the organisational structure and ensure that the legal provisions are complied with.


Ernst Kohler

Chairman of the Management Board


Dr. med. Roland Albrecht

Medical Director
Member of the Management Board


Andreas Lüthi

Chief Financial Officer
Member of the Management Board


Sascha Hardegger

Head of Helicopter Operations
Member of the Management Board


Karin Hörhager

Head of Communication and Patronage
Member of the Management Board


Heinz Leibundgut

Head of Helicopter Procedures and Training
Member of the Management Board


Urs Nagel

Head of Jet Operations
Member of the Management Board