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Rega Media Service

We are happy to answer your questions and support you in your work wherever possible.

Please note that the following contact details are for journalists only. For other requests, please contact the responsible office directly:

Other contacts

Emergency in Switzerland:1414
Emergency abroad:+41 333 333 333
Enquiries from patrons:Patron service
Contact for partners:+41 44 654 38 02
Human Resources:Working for Rega
Overview of further contacts:Contact us


Media Service Contacts

Rega Center
PO Box 1414
8058 Zurich Airport

Phone no.: +41 (0)44 654 37 37 (7 x 24h)
Fax: +41 (0)44 654 37 88
E-mail: mediendienst@­ (office hours)

Media Service Team

Adrian Schindler
Media Spokesman


Mathias Gehrig
Media Spokesman


Karin Zahner
Media Spokeswoman

Corina Zellweger
Media Spokeswoman

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A new simulator for various helicopter types

New night vision goggles for Rega

Missions in 2020: Rega helped 31 patients per day

More than 100 COVID-19 missions for Rega crews

Annual Report 2019 of Rega

Rega jets repatriated 50 patients in the last four weeks

Missions in 2019: Rega helped 31 patients per day

3.5 million people place their trust in Rega

Rega is awarded reaccreditation by CAMTS

Annual Media Conference 2019: The new Rega drone flies and searches autonomously

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Annual Media Conference

Every year in April, Rega invites media representatives to the annual media conference at the Rega Centre or at helicopter bases. In addition to a review of the past year, current projects are presented.

More about our annual media conference


Rega makes images available free of charge for editorial contributions. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Rega holds the copyright to the images. Publication requires that "Rega" be cited as the source.

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Our Youtube videos can be used for editorial contributions. The use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Rega holds the copyright to the images. Publication requires that the source is quoted as "Rega".

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