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Kind mit Helm in Heli

Rega at school

Here you can find everything you need to know for your school essay, presentation or project about Rega.

Rega as a topic for your school work

Every year, Rega receives numerous requests for material for school essays, projects or presentations. As we unfortunately do not have the time to reply to all enquiries in detail, we hope that the following information and tips will be of help to you.

We recommend that you start your research on Rega as early as possible – at least three or four weeks in advance.

You will discover plenty of information on the Rega website, which is bound to answer many of your questions. We have compiled information that we have complied on specific themes, which could be of particular interest to you.

You also have the possibility of going on a guided tour of the Rega Centre or of one of our helicopter bases. This is a great opportunity to take some photos and perhaps even to ask a member of Rega’s staff a question or two in person.

If you would like to register on a guided tour, you can do so by calling tel. +41 44 654 32 06 (Tuesday to Thursday, 10.00 am – 12 noon & 2.00 – 5.00pm)

Do you still have some unanswered questions? Then send us a short list of not more five questions using our Contact form.  Again, be sure to allow enough time for us to reply.  


Topic overview

Here you can find various topics that could be particularly interesting for your school project.

Rega in figures

Are you looking for key facts & figures about Rega? You will find them here!

Facts & figures

Rega’s history

Here you can gain an insight into the milestones in Rega’s history. 


Rega’s fleet

Find out more about our helicopters and ambulance jets. 


Special equipment

From the rescue hoist to the ramp, find out all about Rega’s equipment.

Special equipment


Our answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Magazine and leaflets

Here you can find Rega's various publications.



What does Rega’s Operations Center look like? How does Rega fly in the dark? Our illustrations explain it all.

First aid in schools

According to projections by the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU), approximately 49,000 schoolchildren are injured in Swiss schools every year. Even simple first-aid measures can do much to prevent serious consequences or even to save lives.

Rega and Samariter Schweiz have therefore launched the programme, "Retten ist KLASSE – Erste Hilfe an Schulen". The programme, which is currently only available in German, is free of charge and is aimed both at teachers and at schoolchildren aged 12 and over.

The schools are provided with the necessary material (MiniAnne set and bandaging material). In return, they are required to complete and return the feedback form to Samariter Schweiz. If the feedback form is not returned, the material will be invoiced to the school concerned.

Picture material

Rega provides a selection of images free of charge for use in your school essay or presentation.